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cultural identity

  • UNESCO's mistake on Jerusalem

    The resolution was yet another shallow attack on identity elements, the same type I reject every time Israel does it to Palestinians. It was also a setback to the kind of UN action that could actually move the bar in a region that desperately needs it. UNESCO has made a startlingly bad move in voting to affirm “Item 25,” a hodgepodge of condemnations and calls for Israel to stop policies that harm religious or cultural sites in Jerusalem, Hebron and Gaza. On Jerusalem, the text conspicuously referred to the holiest site by its Muslim name only: Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif, pointedly…

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  • Farsi Miduni: Pushing back against cultural whitewashing

    Second-generation Iranians in Israel finally allowing themselves to celebrate their unique identity. Do not disturb. By Orly Noy (Translated from Hebrew by Ela Hadad) In my childhood, as an immigrant from Iran, I was the ultimate “Persian,” always uttered mockingly. I am not sure I understood why pointing out my ethnic origin was supposed to embarrass me, but it sure got the job done: I was ashamed to be called Persian, I was ashamed to be Persian. When they really wanted to get under my skin, they would call me Farsi-Miduni, as a curse. "Farsi-Miduni" literally means, "you know Farsi."…

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