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Cultural Boycott

  • According to 'Israel Hayom,' BDS has nothing to do with the occupation

    Israel's most-read newspaper deletes crucial explanations from an Associated Press article, leaving its readers with zero understanding of why Palestinians might want the world to boycott Israel. The Associated Press published a feature article last week discussing the impact that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement has had on the Israeli music scene as of late. Spurred by a few high-profile cancellations at a recent music festival in Israel, most notably by singer Lana Del Rey, the article did what one would reasonably expect an international wire service covering such a story to do: it explained the phenomenon, gave some…

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  • This Israeli urges Lorde: Play Palestine instead

    Instead of simply canceling your show in Tel Aviv, cross the checkpoints and the separation wall and do what most pop icons have yet to do: perform in the West Bank. An open letter to Lorde. Dear Lorde, You may have stumbled upon my words before. Three years ago, your art and public persona inspired me to produce something ambitious. "The Israel-Palestine Lorde Diaries," a whimsical fan's journal, appeared on this site in no less 15 installments. In them, I described the difficulties I faced while trying to create a bilingual, bi-national, Israeli-Palestinian tribute to your first album, Pure Heroine.…

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  • How David Grossman got drafted into the fight against BDS

    Culture Minister Miri Regev is ramping up her battle against cultural boycotts by enlisting luminaries such as David Grossman. It's time Israeli artists who believe in democracy to stand up and be brave. By Ari Remez The annual Israeli Theater Prize ceremony, held every year in the northern city of Acre, recently took place without a hitch. This, despite the fact that the Jewish Israeli mayor of the city backed a decision to censor a play by Israeli actor Einat Weitzman, and while the Arabic-speaking Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa remains closed. The artistic teams behind the winning works at the ceremony stood on stage alongside Minister of Culture…

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  • Who is afraid of BDS?

    This piece is co-written with Max Blumenthal The day after the American pop star Macy Gray announced controversial plans to perform in Tel Aviv in March, we sat down for a drink at Pua, a bar nestled in the heart of one of Jaffa’s most gentrified neighborhoods. When the waitress, a sociable 20-something resident of the city's burgeoning young Jewish community informed us of a new brand of beer the restaurant was carrying, we wondered based on rumors we had heard if it was brewed in a settlement in the Golan Heights. The waitress, who was clearly offended, vehemently denied…

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