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crisis of zionism

  • When it comes to Israel, the political is personal: Review of 'Crisis of Zionism'

    The author of a new book describing a crisis in Zionism may not be telling us anything we didn't already know - but in tracing his own personal journey of his anguished relationship to Israel, Peter Beinart has touched a nerve no one in the American Jewish community can ignore.  At a recent lecture in New York City about his new book The Crisis of Zionism, Peter Beinart was asked, among other things, what all the fuss  – and specifically the vituperative fuss -  about him and the subject of his writing. Indeed, the month of March was Beinart-madness, as…

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  • Driving through the West Bank 'felt like apartheid'

    Three anecdotes from Peter Beinart's Crisis of Zionism reveal a lot on what can and what can't be said in Washington today "The Crisis of Zionism," Peter Beinart's new book on the Jewish establishment's transformation into a propaganda and lobbying arm for the occupation and the settlements, has a few fresh examples of Washington's double talk regarding the nature of Israel's control over the West Bank. It's something you often hear in private: Every diplomat who has visited Palestinian towns and villages and met with locals knows how bad things are, but it's impossible to discuss these issues in public…

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