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crimes against humanity

  • The kibbutz that sells riot control weapons to war criminals

    For decades, Kibbutz Beit Alfa has sold riot control vehicles to despotic regimes such as Pinochet's Chile and Nkunrunziza's Burundi. By Eitay Mack (translated from Hebrew by Ofer Neiman) Hundreds of ultra-orthodox demonstrators blocked the entrance to Jerusalem last week to protest the arrest of yeshiva students deemed ‘deserters’ by the IDF because they refused to be drafted into the IDF. Israeli police sent in special riot control vehicles that sprayed colored water on the demonstrators. The footage of phosphorescent blue water splattered on the black-and-white-clad Haredi protesters appeared across Israeli media, mostly due to the colorful contrast. These riot control vehicles,…

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  • ‘Investigate Israeli complicity with Pinochet's crimes’

    Family members of a Chilean man disappeared and murdered by the Latin American dictator want Israel to open a criminal investigation into officials who cooperated with the murderous regime. By John Brown* (translated by Tal Haran) Two Israeli women who immigrated from Chile are taking Israel’s attorney general to court, demanding that he open a criminal investigation into Israeli officials who were involved in arms deals with the regime of Augosto Pinochet, for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. Lily Traubman and her daughter Tamara Santos Traubman moved to Israel in the 1970s after being persecuted by the Pinochet regime,…

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  • Because BDS, Israeli archeologists want West Bank work kept secret

    An Israeli court rejects a freedom of information request for the names of archeologists digging, under IDF license, in the occupied territories, and where Israel is storing the antiquities they uncover. The reason: so they don't face academic boycott. The Jerusalem District Court on Monday refused to reveal the names of archeologists performing digs at antiquities sites in the occupied West Bank, as is the practice of the Israel Antiquities Authority inside the Green Line. The reason: the archeologists' (and the State’s) fear of academic boycotts, and the difficulties it would pose for ongoing (Israeli) archeological projects in the occupied…

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  • Netanyahu's Africa tour: A spit in the face of those Israel helps oppress

    The Israeli public and its government need to internalize that 'Israel’s pride,' its wildly successful military export industry, has been an unending nightmare for the people of Africa. How can Netanyahu look the Rwandan and Ugandan people in the eyes? By Itay Mack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently on a tour of African states of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya. For decades, Israel’s relationship with the African continent, from South Africa to the Sahara, has been almost entirely based on military and arms exports that have fueled oppression, civil wars and murderous dictatorships. [tmwinpost] Until 1967, the State of…

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  • Israelis demand state open up past ties to Argentine junta

    Forty years after the fall of Argentina's murderous military dictatorship, dozens of Argentine-Israelis are demanding the Israeli government open up about its past ties to the junta.  By Michael Salisbury-Corech Last week marked 40 years since the military coup that led to the establishment of the junta in Argentina. Recently, a group of dozens of Israelis of Argentinian origin came together to file a freedom of information request to demand the Israeli government release all documents on military and diplomatic ties between Israel and the junta. [tmwinpost] On March 24, 1976, Argentina underwent a military coup, leading the way for…

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  • The untold story of Israeli military exports to South Sudan

     Since South Sudan's independence, Israel has continuously sold it weapons, military training, homeland security and surveillance technology. The only problem? They are being used to commit war crimes and potential crimes against humanity By: Adv. Itai Mack and Idan Landau (translation: Einat Adar) We now know that Israel sold weapons to Rwanda in the 1990s as genocide was being committed throughout the country. The details of these dealings are still being kept secret and an appeal (Hebrew) to make them public is currently being examined in the High Court of Justice. No lessons, it seems, were learned from that affair. For the last…

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  • Palestinian rights group condemns Syrian 'war crimes'

    By Fady Khoury Adalah – the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel issued a press release on Tuesday denouncing the Syrian regime's attacks on its own citizens. The organization – whose name means “justice” in Arabic – said that the attacks amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, violating international criminal law and more specifically the Rome Statute and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949: Adalah condemns the brutal massacre committed by the Syrian regime on 3 and 4 February 2012 against its own citizens in Homs, where it used tanks, artillery and mortar fire in densely-populated…

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