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  • Israel's Arab community and its contempt for its youth

    I have zero expectations from racist Jews, but I'd expect the Arabs, my own community, to be less judgmental of young people. You have no idea what it's like to walk down the street fearing the police and criminals, as well as your judgment. By Abed Abu Shehadeh Every time a young Arab is killed in our society, social media is flooded with condemnations and expressions of shock for about a week until their authors go back to their arrogant, standoffish selves thanking god, deep down, that some night clubs in our community don't let young Arabs in. One of…

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  • More police won't solve Arab crime in Israel

    The government is exploiting the shooting attack in Tel Aviv to disguise discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens as an effort to bring the rule of law to an 'unruly' society. Prime Minister Netanyahu directed a range of comments at Israel's Palestinian community Saturday night, speaking at the scene of a deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv. A day earlier, a Palestinian citizen from northern Israel opened fire at a bar, killing two and wounding eight. [tmwinpost] Netanyahu denounced what he called "lawless enclaves" in the Arab sector; condemned the "wild incitement of radical Islam"; encouraged Arab integration through the IDF; and declared…

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  • The face of violence: between racism and banal evil

    In 1998, an Israeli film appeared called "Buzz." It was based on a true story that had rocked the country four years earlier: two teenagers murdered a taxi driver, shooting him six times in the back. In the style of some great literature, there was no motive at all, just sheer thrill for boys who had already developed a pastime of petty crime. Nobody is making films these days about stunningly random, lethal violence. We've grown ritually used to it. We have a few days to nurse our horror, then we return to the struggle to close out the month…

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  • Mob against migrants: How far can the violence go?

    The rioting last night in south Tel Aviv against African migrants – some of them asylum seekers –  was another one of those moments that paralyzed me with a mixture of disbelief, horror and sorrow. The photos of smashed windows were reflexively associated in many Jewish minds with Kristallnacht, as many people on social networks pointed out. One photo of Likud MK Danny Danon standing on a platform exhorting the masses to expel the strangers in their midst was reflexively associated in my mind with Benjamin Netanyahu "on the balcony" circa 1994 or 1995. In those notorious demonstrations, Netanyahu famously…

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