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crime in Israel

  • To reduce crime, the police need the trust of Arab citizens

    The rising violence in Israel's Arab society hurts citizens and limits their ability to develop economically. But the police are unlikely to adequately address crime rates in Arab towns if they cannot work in cooperation with the local population.  By Thabet Abu Ras and Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu Of all the murder victims in Israel in 2016, 70 were Arab citizens. Thousands more were victims of violence and property damage. Statistically, 60 percent of murder victims in Israel are Arab — three times their representation in Israel's general population. [tmwinpost] Violence in Arab towns has reached disproportionate rates. This includes a wide-range of delinquency and criminal activities,…

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  • The tragedy and threat of African refugees in Israel

    With at least 60,000 now in the country and 2,000 to 3,000 more coming every month, African refugees, for all the trauma they have been through, are unassimilable in this country. The first in a three-part series. On Friday, with the headlines screaming of Eritreans raping a 15-year-old Israeli girl,  I went with a photographer friend to the Hatikva neighborhood in South Tel Aviv to get a sense of how the Jewish residents were feeling toward the Africans, and vice versa. I was surprised to see no hatred on the faces of the Israelis nor fear on the faces of the Africans. Everyone looked calm, doing their Friday afternoon…

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