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creeping annexation

  • Take a look around. This is what annexation looks like

    The annexation of Palestine will not come one day, it is happening every day, and this is what it looks like: legislating mundane changes about higher education councils. There will be no definitive moment, event or a point in history, when we can say that annexation happened. Israel’s annexation is a process — a deliberate process — which has been carefully planned, began a long time ago, and which will continue for years to come. [tmwinpost] It is hard to get too excited over small steps toward annexation, such as a law that moves a university from the jurisdiction of one…

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  • 'Creeping annexation' is a distraction from the one-state reality

    A proposed law to 'annex' dozens of settlements to Jerusalem is just one step toward normalizing a reality that has been in the making for decades. There is not a single Israeli politician today calling for the wholesale annexation of the West Bank. The number of politicians working to advance piecemeal annexation, however, is growing by the day. [tmwinpost] Take the proposed Greater Jerusalem law, making its way through Israel’s parliament at the moment. The bill, which would extend Jerusalem’s municipal umbrella over dozens of West Bank settlements along with well over 100,000 settlers, wouldn’t really annex the settlements to…

  • The right-wing solution for the violence

    The Israeli Right has offered up legislation to deal with stone throwing, supported new settlements, and at times even championed annexation. The result has only led to a worsening security situation. In the thick of a wave of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, Israelis are either looking backwards to figure out how we got here, or forward to see if tomorrow things will get worse. And tomorrow looks like a mystery; the Israeli media treats Palestinian violence like the autumn rains that began this week — it  comes and goes arbitrarily. [tmwinpost] But what about the longer-term future? Is there any…

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  • IDF displaces 10 Palestinian families to conduct military drills

    The IDF orders Palestinian residents from the northern Jordan Valley to evacuate their own homes in order to make way for military drills, which have previously damaged farmland and infrastructure. The Israeli army evacuated 10 families in the community of Khirbet Humsah in the northern Jordan Valley on Wednesday morning, according to the Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem. The evacuation was ordered so that the military could conduct training exercises near to the families' homes, on land owned by the residents of the community. [tmwinpost] B'Tselem further reports that the families were requested to leave at 6 a.m., and only…

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  • Israeli government votes to support annexing West Bank settlements

    Whether or not the proposal becomes law, the vote itself broadcasts to the world that this government opposes a negotiated two-state solution. The Israeli government voted to endorse legislation to extend Israeli law to settlements in the West Bank on Sunday. What would that mean, you ask? For 47 years, the primary source of law in the West Bank has been the IDF military law code. Applying civilian law to parts —or all — of the West Bank would be tantamount to annexation, or at least be a creeping but concrete step toward that goal. Irrespective of whether or not this…

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  • How the Netanyahu gov't undermines Israeli democracy

    Several actions by the current government are intended to deny the opposition its essential freedom of action One of the basic principles of a democratic regime is that it allows all citizens to participate in it equally. The basic assumption is that the faction currently in power will be removed someday, and that the opponents of the government are allowed the same rights in spreading their ideas. Another basic assumption is that a change of government is a healthy thing; a regime that makes its replacement difficult is already on the way to dictatorship or at the very least an…

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