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  • Trump and Netanyahu: A shared art of exploiting terrorism

    Trump is using the same framework for understanding terrorism to justify his Muslim ban and immigration policy that Netanyahu and Israel have exploited to justify half a century of occupation. By Naomi Dann Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit with President Trump at the White House this week. It will be a true meeting of minds. Both leaders are bombastic and rely on false claims, fear-mongering, and stereotypes to pursue discriminatory, racist, and violent policies. [tmwinpost] The parallels would be comical if they weren’t so harmful. Just last week, Trump asserted, based on no evidence, that people were bussed…

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  • Trump's America could end up looking like present-day Israel

    Israel is a disturbing demonstration of how far violent intolerance involving ethnic and religious prejudice can go. Americans should be vigilant regarding any signs of this happening in the United States. By  Paul R. Pillar One of the more pertinent observations about Donald Trump’s comment this week on what gun owners could do about a Hillary Clinton presidency comes from columnist Thomas Friedman, who recalls the assassination in Israel 21 years ago of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. The assassination was preceded by a stream of hateful invective with violent overtones directed by elements on the Israeli right against Rabin—for his having…

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