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conscientious objector

  • IDF jails conscientious objector for 30 days over her refusal to enlist

    By the end of her fourth stint in military prison, Noa Gur Golan will have served 104 days for refusing to take part in the occupation. By Yael Marom The Israeli army sentenced conscientious objector Noa Gur Golan to her fourth stint in military prison on Monday, this time for a period of 30 days, over her refusal to serve in the IDF. [tmwinpost] By the end of her latest term, she will have served a total of 104 days behind bars. Gur Golan, 19, from Netanya, has appeared three times before the army's conscientious objectors committee, which has repeatedly rejected…

  • Conscientious objector: 'I refuse to be a tool of the gov't'

    Hadas Tal is the latest Israeli to publicly refuse to join the Israeli army because of its human rights violations against Palestinians. Before heading to prison, she speaks about her about her family's reaction, the potential consequences of her decision, and why so many conscientious objectors are women. Hadas Tal showed up to the Israeli army induction base at Tel Hashomer outside of Tel Aviv Monday morning to declare her refusal to be drafted into the IDF. She will likely be sentenced to prison, where she will join Noa Gur Golan, another draft refuser who was sentenced to 30 days…

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  • IDF releases conscientious objector after 110 days in prison

    Atalya Ben-Abba went to prison rather than be conscripted into the Israeli army because of her refusal to take part in the occupation. By +972 Magazine Staff The Israeli army released conscientious objector Atalya Ben-Abba from mandatory military service on Tuesday after she spent 110 days in military prison for refusing to be drafted. Ben-Abba was released on grounds of unsuitability, after her request to be recognized as a conscientious objector was rejected a day earlier. [tmwinpost] “The army can call the waiver [from mandatory conscription] whatever it wants, but the fact of the matter remains that it gave me…

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  • Israeli conscientious objectors sent to military prison for second time

    The two young women already spent seven days in prison for refusing to take part in the occupation. An IDF tribunal sentenced two Israeli conscientious objectors, Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze’evi, to 10 days in military prison on Monday for refusing to serve in the Israeli occupation. Two weeks ago, the young women declared their conscientious objection at the Israeli army’s Tel Hashomer induction base, saying that they refuse to take part in the oppression of the Palestinian people. They were sentenced to seven days in military prison at the time. [tmwinpost] At the end of their current prison stint,…

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  • WATCH: A conscientious objector and a feminist

    Dozens of demonstrators accompanied Israeli conscientious objector Tair Kaminer to the Tel Hashomer induction base last week, where she was sentenced to 20 days prison for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army. Kaminer, 19, recently finished a year of national service working with children who suffer from trauma due to multiple wars in Gaza and continual rocket fire on the city. Read more here.

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  • Dozens protest in support of Israeli conscientious objector

    Tair Kaminer is expected to be sentenced to a month in military jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF. Kaminer: 'Military jail frightens me less than our society losing its humanity.' Approximately 40 demonstrators accompanied Israeli conscientious objector Tair Kaminer to the Tel Hashomer induction base on Sunday, where she is expected to be sentenced for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army. [tmwinpost] The demonstrators held signs chanted against the occupation at the entrance to the base. Some of them organized a short performance, in which they wore IDF uniforms and pledged their loyalty to the state…

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  • Freed Israeli conscientious objector: They tried to break me

    Uriel Ferera says he doesn't feel like he lost the 177 days that he spent in military prison. 'The opposite. I fought for my principles — to not lend a hand to the occupation.' By Daniel Beller After 177 days in Israeli military prison and 10 trials, ideological conscientious objector Uriel Ferera is a free man. When Ferera arrived at an IDF induction base on Sunday he was under the impression that he would be heading back to jail for an eleventh time. Instead, he was told that the IDF was releasing him from military service for “incompatibility on the basis of…

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  • Israeli conscientious objector ends hunger strike citing abuse

    Prison guards put Udi Segal in isolation and threatened him with trumped up charges, alleges the jailed conscientious objector now serving his fifth term in Israeli military prison. Israeli conscientious objector Udi Segal stopped his hunger strike over the weekend, citing what he described as abuse by guards in the Israeli army's "Prison 6." Segal began his fifth prison term last Thursday when he once again registered his refusal to serve in the Israeli army for reasons of conscience, declaring a hunger strike to protest his continued and repeated imprisonment. Since the start of his latest prison term Segal has…

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  • IDF denied draft refuser letters, access to his lawyer

    'The sergeant told him that he cannot make a call because he is a military prisoner, and that he cannot use the phone because he didn't wear his hat on time,' Ferera's lawyer says. By Daniel Beller Uriel Ferera, the young Orthodox conscientious objector who was sentenced to military jail for refusing to join the Israeli army, says he was made to stand almost completely naked while his guards laughed at him. Furthermore, the guards ridiculed his faith and humiliated him while he prayed. Later, the IDF prevented Ferea from receiving letters, emails and faxes in support of his refusal.…

  • Druze youth likely headed to prison for conscientious objection

    Omar Sa'ad reports to Israeli army induction base and announces his refusal to enlist. He is expected to be sentenced to prison. Sa'ad has declared his refusal to be 'both nationally and conscientiously motivated.' "I was raised first and foremost as a human being, and as such I feel that I cannot possibly aim an assault weapon at any other human being, be it Arab, Jewish or whomever, and so it has always been clear to me that I will not be able to join the army," says Omar Sa'ad, a young Druze viola player from the village of Maghar. Sa'ad is…

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  • Poverty in the IDF: Thousands jailed for economically motivated desertion

    On Friday, Channel 2 News aired a story of unique importance, offering a glimpse into the world of the financial difficulties faced by Israeli soldiers. A soldier from the notorious Kfir Brigade, which is often accused of brutal treatment of Palestinians, testified that 9 out of 10 soldiers need financial support, and a Knesset report indicated that thousands of soldiers desert  for financial reasons each year. I first met these soldiers when I myself was in prison for refusing the draft, about 10 years ago. One after another my cellmates would talk about poverty in their homes, how their parents…

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  • IDF to release conscientious objector after 177 days in prison

    Conscientious objector Natan Blanc will be exempted from military service and allowed to volunteer for civil service after more than half a year in prison. Shortly after Blanc's family and supporters started a campaign for his release, which included several demonstrations and increased media presence, Blanc was summoned earlier this week to the army's unsuitability committee for the second time. As opposed to the previous interview, this time the committee decided to exempt Blanc from service, and on Thursday morning he was informed by prison staff that his current, 10th incarceration (breaking the record for number of times a conscientious objector has…

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  • WATCH: Activists call to free conscientious objector outside IDF headquarters

    On May 21, 2013, dozens of people held a solidarity demonstration with conscientious objector Natan Blanc, in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv. Blanc is serving his tenth prison term for refusing to be drafted into the Israeli army. This is an all time record of number of consecutive prison terms for a conscientious objector. For +972's full coverage of Natan Blanc and conscientious objectors, click here.

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