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  • Last-ditch effort to save a unique Palestinian village

    Lifta, the best-kept out of handful of remaining Nakba villages, will be demolished to make way for a housing project for affluent Jews The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites is joining the campaign to save the remaining houses of the Palestinian village Lifta, at the western entrance of modern Jerusalem. Lifta, the best-kept of hundreds of abandoned Palestinian villages, is about to be demolished in order to make way for a new Jewish neighborhood. According to a report by the daily paper Maariv, Itzik Shviki, manager of Jerusalem district in the Society, has filed a motion to the…

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  • Israeli propaganda film: "Dark" Oriental Jews and "light" of civilization

    A newly discovered Israeli propaganda film from the 1950's reveals the depths of racism applied to Oriental Jewish children who came to Israel - and how it was justified by militarism and the need for disciplined soldiers Last weekend, Lihi Yona published here a post describing and explaining her self-identification as an Arab Jew. Although not new (Yona herself cites a 2003 book by Yehouda Shenhav, and use of the term stretches back to Albert Memmi and his novel "The Pillar of Salt"), this identification was revived recently by the inspiration of the Arab Spring. Those who chose to adopt…

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  • Between colonialism and class: J14 and the responsibility of the left

    Despite justified fears of a false debate that would only deepen the exploitation and oppression, it would be irresponsible to give up this opportunity for radical change, writes Tent Protest activist Matan Kaminer By Matan Kaminer / Originally published on Many progressives around the world have been wondering out loud about what exactly has been going on here for the last month. Who are the unprecedented crowds taking to the streets in the name of "the people" (ha'am), demanding "social justice" (tzedek hevrati), and what exactly do they want? Is there any connection to the ongoing occupation and oppression…

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