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Cognitive dissonance

  • Soul searching at a West Bank demonstration

    'I go to demonstrations as a private person protesting the injustice done to the inhabitants of the West Bank. For them, however, I’m an Israeli before anything else, and this dissonance stands at the basis of the soul searching you are now reading.' By Noam Rotem (translated by Jordan Michaeli) As a graduate of the Israeli education system’s indoctrination and the rotten and corrupt military system, it's not natural for me to participate in a demonstration in the West Bank. And I speak only for myself. I'm not a member of any party or other political organization; additionally, I'm a…

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  • American PR man for Israel goes after Btselem

    Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, has a piece in Commentary this month about Btselem, a major Israeli human rights organization working in the Occupied Palestinian territories Pollak, an American Jew of the extreme right persuasion, is known for his close connections with Israeli politicians and his unwavering dedication for attacking Israeli leftists. His piece on Btselem is an expected mix of NGO Monitor attacks which rely on guilt by association and taking statements out of context to paint Btselem as a radical organization disconnected to Israeli society with no allegiance to the Jewish state. He even…

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