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Coalition of Women for Peace

  • PHOTOS: Activists protest on Israeli side of Gaza fence in solidarity with Great Return March

    'We will continue to come here until Gaza is free.' By Oren Ziv Dozens of Israeli and international activists protested on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence on Friday, in solidarity with the Great Return March protests in Gaza. The activists, some members of organizations like Jews for Return and Coalition of Women for Peace, waved big Palestinian flags, chanted slogans, and carried posters supporting Palestinians’ right of return. They also held photos of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests. From the Israeli side of the fence, activists could see the smoke from burning…

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  • Israeli activists bring images of Gaza dead to the heart of Tel Aviv

    In the middle of the night, left-wing activists hung 115 kites along Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv's central street — one for each Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests. Israeli activists hung 115 black kites along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard overnight on Sunday, in remembrance of every Palestinian killed by the Israeli army in Gaza during the Great Return March. “We all witnessed what happened in Gaza over the past couple of weeks, says A., one of the organizers of the action. "There was a big escalation both in terms of what happened and the…

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  • Israeli activists plan protest in solidarity with Gaza return march

    The Coalition of Women for Peace is calling on Israeli activists to join their solidarity protest near the border fence with Gaza on Saturday.  By Yael Marom Despite the army’s attempts to stoke fear among Israelis and Palestinians alike, a group of Israeli women will join the Palestinian protesters in Gaza on the other side of the border fence during the “Great Return March.” The Coalition of Women for Peace is calling for demonstrators to rally on Saturday in the area near the Gaza border “to show support and solidarity with the residents of Gaza, to oppose violence against the…

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  • Israeli activists stage vigil to release the Tamimi women

    16-year-old Ahed, her 20-year-old cousin Nur, and her mother, Nariman, have been in prison for nearly a week. Activists in Tel Aviv say the vigil is meant to remind the Israeli public of the reality of the occupation. Activists from the Coalition of Women for Peace staged a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Defense on Sunday evening to protest the detention of Ahed, Nariman, and Nur Tamimi, of Nabi Saleh. Some of the demonstrators kneeled, their eyes blindfolded, while others held signs reading, “It’s not the slap, it’s the occupation,” and called for the three Palestinian women to be…

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  • Global protests highlight severe water crisis in Gaza and West Bank

    An international light installation coordinated by the 'Water Coalition' calls for equal water rights for Palestinians. Activists across the world organized light installation protests over the past few days to bring attention to the diminishing water supply for Palestinians in the West Bank, along with contamination and severe water shortages in the Gaza Strip. In a display of lights reflected in the water, activists from Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Boston, New York, Houston, Johannesburg, Melbourne, and Perth stood alongside ponds and beaches forming illuminated words reading, "Water is a basic right," in different languages. Israel has taken control of most sources of water…

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  • Anti-war activists disrupt Israeli weapons conference

    Anti-war activists disrupt the International Air Conference, which was dedicated to the Israeli Air Force's latest purchase: 33 F-35 fighter aircrafts. Photos by Oren Ziv / Conference goers at the "The International Air Conference," the vast majority of them men dressed in suits and ties — did not expect to see a group of anti-war activists on Sunday morning at the Tel Aviv Hilton. [tmwinpost] The activists, who belong to Coalition of Women for Peace, held up signs in Hebrew and English reading, "The next war starts here." The demonstration came to an end after security guards and police officers…

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  • 'Pay the price for peace': Israelis demand ceasefire

    Some 400 protesters gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday night to protest against the war in Gaza, calling for an end to the blockade of the Strip and the Israeli occupation in general. The protest was organized by the the Coalition of Women for Peace and the socialist Da'am Workers Party. The protest was set to take place in Habima Square in central Tel Aviv, however police prevented the demonstration from taking place there and moved it to a nearby street. During the protest a rocket was fired from Gaza toward Tel Aviv and intercepted by the Iron Dome. The protesters chanted…

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