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  • CNN caves to anti-Palestinian smear campaign

    CNN fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill for calling for a free Palestine, after some claimed he meant the destruction of Israel. But his statement is no more a call for the destruction of Israel than the end of Jim Crow was the destruction of America. By Omar Baddar “All the people that live in the West Bank are Israelis. They are not Palestinians. There is no Palestinian. This is Israeli land.” These were the shocking words of former Senator Rick Santorum in 2012, denying the existence of Palestinians, and endorsing Israel’s illegal annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories. Santorum was…

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  • 50 things that have been around for less time than the occupation

    How much has the world changed since Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory began in 1967? The occupation, as we are all too well aware, is about to turn 50. It's difficult to grasp just how significant a period of time five decades is — especially when we're trying to imagine the durability of a state of affairs that was never supposed to be permanent. But one way we can try and conceive of just how long Israeli military rule has persisted is to look at how much the world has changed since 1967. So here, in ascending chronological order, are 50…

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  • An Arab-American’s final thoughts before the election

    The first time I got called a sandnigger I was one semester into an English Lit. degree at the University of Tennessee, where football — the kind that involves hands — was a game more urgent than war. In August of 1990, I said goodbye to my Palestinian family and set off to attend college in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where 18 years earlier, my mother had given birth to me. That I was born in that unlikely place was an accident of fate. My mother and father had arrived by way of a family friend, who, after the 1967 war, had…

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  • 'Ending the siege is not a Hamas demand - it is a Palestinian one'

    How is this Gaza war different from all the others? Former New York Times correspondent to Gaza, Taghreed El-Khodary, speaks about her time covering the siege of the Strip, and why the international media is slowly coming around to the Palestinian story. By Moriel Rothman-Zecher “I don’t mind being interviewed. Let’s plan the timing,” wrote Taghreed El-Khodary, formerly the Gaza correspondent for the New York Times and currently an editor at, ’’I just need to make sure my sister and her family managed to escape their building in Rimal area in Gaza City.” I had reached out to Taghreed…

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  • Beitunia killings: Autopsy reveals Palestinian teen shot by live fire

    An autopsy of Nadim Syam Nuwara, one of the two teenagers killed last month during the Nakba Day protests in Beitunia, reveals that that the teen was killed by live fire, according to a report by Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. According to B'Tselem, Nuwara’s body has been well-preserved, making the point of entry and exit, as well as the route of the bullet, easily identifiable. Although the report is slated to be released in the next several days, doctors have rejected the possibility that the cause of death was rubber bullets, and are fairly confident that the bullet entered…

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  • Celebrity chef humanizes Palestinians on trip to the holy land

    Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain recently traveled to Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza to spotlight Palestinian and Israeli food on his CNN show. However, once he arrived in the holy land, it was impossible for Bourdain to avoid things Israelis often prefer to forget about: the settlements, the wall, and Gaza.  By Amer Zahr Something amazing happened on CNN last night. Palestinians were portrayed as human beings. In his show “Parts Unknown,” Anthony Bourdain travels to exotic and controversial locales to examine the intersection of food, politics, and everyday life. Last night, he visited Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.…

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  • Covering the media that's covering Gaddafi

    People get their news in different ways. I learned that Gaddafi had been killed (or injured, or was be reported at various moments through the day) not by watching TV but rather via an unusual observation. I was just checking-in to my hotel in Tunis when I ran into the CNN crew. They were checking OUT, and are now on their way to Tripoli. Indeed, my hotel – strategically located across from Tunisian Television headquarters and the Tunisian Foreign Ministry – was a natural gathering spot for the international press. But now, it is quickly draining of guests, leaving…

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