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citizenship amendment

  • PHOTOS: A decade on, Citizenship Law still denies Palestinians their rights

    By: Shiraz Grinbaum/Activestills & Physicians For Human Rights-Israel, special thanks to Hiba Amara One of the fundamental rights to which a citizen is entitled is the right to marry and build a family in her or his own state. In practice, any person who marries an Israeli citizen is entitled to begin a procedure that will eventually lead to their recognition as a resident or a citizen of the state. This right was honored, in general, until just over a decade ago. In May 2002, at the height of the Second Intifada, the Israeli government decided to freeze this procedure for…

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  • Court okays Citizenship Law, legalizing discrimination of Arabs

    According to the 2003 law, Arab citizens of Israel who marry Palestinians will have to emigrate in order to live with their spouses. Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi famously said that "Israel is indeed a Jewish-democratic state: it is democratic for Jews and Jewish for all the rest." This rings truer than ever after Israel's High Court of Justice rejected yesterday (again) the petitions against the Citizenship Law, one of the first measures to make racial discrimination against the Arab minority not just common practice, but part of Israel's legal codex. The High Court rejected the petitions against the Citizenship Law…

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  • Could opposition to the 'loyalty oath' bring out the best in Israelis?

    When America Pastor Terry Jones recently threatened to burn a Koran, which is his constitutional right, America shouted him down. Voices on all sides of the political spectrum united in eloquent protest – such as Sarah Palin, whose Facebook site said: “Book burning is bad.”  (OK, she wrote a few other things).  My cynical expat friend, author and journalist Charles Glass, was humbled. “Yet the public didn't buy it,” he wrote. “For the first time in recorded history, someone underestimated the intelligence of the plain people and lost. Sometimes I'm proud of my countrymen, and this is such a time.”…

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