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Christian Arabs

  • What Christians of the Arab world are facing this Easter

    From the church bombings in Egypt to the restrictions on movement in Palestine to an exodus from Iraq, Christians of most Middle Eastern countries are at serious risk. By James J. Zogby This year there will no Easter celebrations for Coptic Christians in Upper Egypt. Out of concern for their security and out of respect for the 45 Christians who were victims of two horrific suicide bombing attacks on Palm Sunday, their bishop declared that Easter services would be limited in his diocese to mass, "without any festivities." [tmwinpost] That Holy Week began for Egyptians with news of those bombings…

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  • Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa'ad released from military service

    Six months after he was sentenced to his first prison term for refusing to join the IDF, Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa'ad was released from military service on Wednesday. Sa'ad, an 18-year-old violist from the northern village Maghar, was sentenced to his first term on December 5th, 2013 in the Tiberias induction base. Since then, he was sentenced six more times for a total of 150 days. Sa'ad first stated his intention to refuse in late 2012, when he sent an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which declared his support for Palestinians under occupation, as well as his opposition to…

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  • Palestinian activist given house arrest for a Facebook status

    In the latest case of Israeli police detaining Palestinian activists for social media activity, a Lod man is placed under house arrest and has equipment confiscated for openly opposing the enlistment of Christian Arabs on his Facebook page. Israel Police placed Lod resident and Palestinian citizen of Israel Ghassan Munair, 44, under house arrest this week for posting a Facebook status that decried the government's attempts to enlist Christian Arabs into the Israeli army. According to Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Munair was summoned to the local police station, where he was interrogated for…

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  • New law dividing Christian, Muslim Arabs legalizes inequality

    Israel ratified a new law that legally distinguishes between Muslim and Christian citizens of the state, Haaretz reported Monday. The bill, which easily passed by a 31-6 vote in its third and final reading, recognizes the Christian Arab population as a separate, though not national minority for the first time. The law, which expands the Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunity in the Employment Commission by adding to it a separate Christian representative, was marketed as a way to better integrate Christians into the Israeli workforce. However, in practice, it is being carried out at the blatant expense of Muslim citizens. There are…

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