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  • As a woman and ex-soldier, my struggle isn't just against occupation

    The boys club that excludes me for my criticism of Israel's occupation is the same boys club that ignores me because of my gender. By Frima (Merphie) Bubis Women who break the silence simultaneously struggle on two fronts of the same battle: the racism that drives the occupation, like the sexism that drives patriarchy, necessitate s a power imbalance that must be maintained and remain unchallenged. After all, it is forbidden to speak about the occupation, and everyone knows women are featherbrained, so they, too, are not worth listening to. [tmwinpost] As opposed to men who break the silence about…

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  • Women won't solve Israel-Palestine conflict, but feminists might

    In a study published by The Palestine-Israel Journal, my review of public opinion data showed only minimal differences between women and men in supporting peace. A strong and thriving feminist movement may be the key to advancing peace, and addressing deep, underlying chauvinism in general. Sometimes I worry that if I start writing about the state of feminism in Israel, a storm will gather inside me, and a tirade will come pouring out. The post will explode into an uncontrollable, possibly incoherent, manifesto of frustrations. So I’ll start with two specific issues: passing the buck, and the internalization of male-driven…

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  • Jewish-Arab child: My parents' marriage was a mistake

    Ynet carries today an interview with a girl of 14, daughter to an Arab father and a Jewish mother. The girl, presented under the false name of "Amanda", explains that although her father, who has since passed away, initially signed her into an Arab school in the city of Lod (most schools in Israel are segregated), she has since-moved to a Jewish school in another city, where she lives in fear of her classmates finding out she's half Arab. There's everything in the interview -racism and discrimination, chauvinist theocratic patriarchy, and, most heartbreakingly, the self-loathing Amanda uses to cope with a…

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