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central elections committee

  • Israeli elections c'tee hasn't taken any steps to stop Arab voter intimidation

    Four months after the ruling Likud party led a voter intimidation campaign against Palestinian voters, the government body responsible for ensuring free and fair elections says it hasn't made any changes to its process. With just a few weeks before Israeli citizens head back to the polls for the second time this year, the government body responsible for supervising and regulating elections in Israel said it has not drawn any lessons and has not implemented any changes to prevent the repeat of a voter intimidation campaign that targeted Arab Palestinian voters in early 2019. [tmwinpost] On April 9, 2019, Election Day, a settler-aligned…

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  • The domino effect of persecuting Arab politicians

    The government’s latest attempts to oust Balad from the Knesset are part of an intensifying campaign against Arab political movements, regardless of their different stripes. Three months ago, when the Israeli government outlawed the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, Palestinian citizens of Israel feared that they were witnessing the beginning of an intensified campaign against Arab political groups. Many suspected at the time that the government’s next target would be the Balad party, the nationalist faction of the Joint List, which has been in the crosshairs of consecutive Israeli governments since the 1990s. [tmwinpost] Those suspicions were confirmed last…

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  • It's time to disqualify Israel's Central Elections Committee

    In the run-up to every general election since 2003, Arab parties and candidates have been forced to appear in front of this committee to prove that they deserve to participate in Knesset elections. The only thing worse than the process itself is the racist atmosphere in the meetings. By Salah Mohsen The Central Elections Committee (CEC), which votes on disqualification motions submitted against political parties and candidates, and has the power to ban them from running in the Knesset elections, has in recent years become a farcical and undignified charade. In the run-up to every general election since 2003, Arab…

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  • WATCH: Arab party's elections ad banned for 'mocking national anthem'

    The televised spots sponsored by Israel's different political parties will begin airing tonight (Tuesday). Yesterday, the Central Election Committee banned Balad's clip (below) for "mocking the national anthem." The clip shows right-wing legislators (Avigdor Lieberman, Michael-Ben Ari, Danny Danon and Aryeh Eldad) singing the Israeli anthem to an Arabic tune. Recently, the Central Election Committee, the governmental body full of representatives of various Knesset parties, disqualified Balad MK Haneen Zoabi from participating in the elections. The decision was recently reversed by the Supreme Court. According to Israeli election law, parties cannot buy television spots, and air time is allocated for free in…

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  • Hanin Zoabi and Israel's point of no return

    Some more thoughts of the "death of democracy" scenario that might take place in the next elections Susan Hattis Rolef has a piece in the Jerusalem Post dealing with the same issue I wrote about yesterday: the expected ban on MK Hanin Zoabi – and perhaps Balad and Raam-Taal parties as well - from participating in the next elections. Hattis-Rolef seems to agree with me that this is a likely scenario, at least in the case of a personal disqualification of MK Zoabi. There is no doubt that as elections for the 19th Knesset approach, right-wing parties will renew efforts…

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  • 2012: The year democracy ends

    A not-so-crazy speculation for the new year: A date for new elections will be set; at least one major Arab party won't be allowed to participate in them, resulting in a call for boycott in the Palestinian public and the Jewish left. With the Arabs out of the Knesset, the right will enjoy a much bigger majority, forever. Game, set, match If you leave out the West Bank, Israel is still a functioning democracy. New bills are threatening freedom of speech, minorities' rights are not defended and specific laws targeting non-Jews effectively make them second class-citizens. But still, the core…

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