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  • Reporting the war from Gaza: Two takeaways

    With the media turning all its attention to Gaza, two important conclusions can be drawn about the role of social media, and censorship by Hamas and Israel during times of war. By Abeer Ayyoub 1. How social media broke the siege Regardless of whether the Israeli operations of 2008, 2012 and 2014 may feel the same for residents of Gaza, anyone following the news, and specifically social media, can see the profound differences. Perhaps it is because social media activists were more active in 2012 than in 2008. During this last assault on Gaza, however, we saw social media play…

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  • 'Prisoner X': Censorship and gag orders in the age of new media

    The 'Prisoner X' affair was sensitive enough for Israel to use all of its censorship tools at once: the military censor, gag orders and the 'editors committee.' But was the effort by the Prime Minister's Office entirely about national security, or did it have to do with protecting those responsible for the mess? And what should the affair teach us about the ability to keep information from the public in this technological age? The affair known as the death of "Prisoner X" is becoming an interesting test case for the effect of new media on state secrets and the relations between…

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  • Does the J-Street lockout make sense to anyone?

    There are a number of things that utterly bewilder me, as an Israeli, about Temple Beth Avoda's cancellation of the J-Street president Jeremy Ben Ami talk this evening. I'll jump to conclusions and assume the people responsible and myself come from different edges of the political spectrum; but sometimes you just wanna reach across the aisle, lean over, and say, guys, you just don't make any sense anymore: - Is Israel a sort of a deity? Has it come to replace God? I mean, I'm flattered and so will be my tax clerk, but are you actually saying that criticism…

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