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ceasefire talks

  • Why Gaza’s status quo is unlikely to change

    In Gaza, despite Hamas’ pacification, a shift to nonviolent protests, and UN warnings of collapse, Israel shows little intention of lifting the blockade. By Tareq Baconi Ceasefire discussions between Israel and Hamas appear to be progressing, following an increase in hostilities in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have agreed to adopt “new tactics” and curb potential militarization in the Great Return March protests, in exchange for an easing of the blockade. However, the coming days and weeks are likely to remain fragile. [tmwinpost] These ongoing developments in the Gaza Strip are testing the limits of the…

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  • Jerusalem terrorist attacks leave one Israeli dead; Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour truce

    Two terrorist attacks left one Israeli dead and several wounded in Jerusalem on Monday. The first attack, which took place around 1:30 p.m., occurred after a man driving a digger used his vehicle to flip over a public bus, killing one and wounding five others. Just several hours later, a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on a hitchhiking station near Hebrew University, severely wounding an Israeli soldier. The gunman fled the scene. According to Haaretz, the assailant in the digger attack, Naif Jabis, drove his vehicle out of a construction site, hit a 25-year-old passerby, before turning toward a nearby square.…

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