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  • Israeli minister weighs population transfer — of kittens

    Arguing that spaying and neutering violates Jewish law, Israel's agriculture minister proposes a crime against humanity — against cats. We knew it would happen sooner or later. The occupation has finally come home to roost. The darkest of Israel’s injustices, mass displacement and population transfer, is now threatening the Tel Aviv left-wing establishment’s holiest of holies — cute, little kittens. Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel is proposing a full-fledged population transfer of Israel’s stray feline population, or rather all of its males, or females. No, seriously. We're not making this up. The transfer plan was revealed in a letter from the…

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  • Left-wing cat craze takes Israeli cyberspace by storm

    As if we weren’t bombarded enough on an almost daily basis with cute cat videos and pictures, now the felines have to shove their whiskers into Israeli politics. The latest internet meme to conquer Israeli cyber-space is the “lefty-cat”. It all started when an actual pro-pussy Facebook page put up a picture of a man who urged his dog to attack cats. The page identified him as a right winger, as well. This immediately prompted one reader to start her own Facebook page, called “Ban those who incite to the left using cats” (besides the horrific syntax, the Hebrew title…

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