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  • Yes, Corbynism poses a threat — but not to Britain's Jews

    Smearing Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite has become a popular hobby among members of the British establishment — perhaps because what he stands for is a direct threat to their ideological and economic interests. By Matan Kaminer Last week, Haaretz columnist Anshel Pfeffer accused UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being both anti-Semitic and stupid. He is wrong on both counts. Against enormous odds and powerful political enemies, Corbyn has made a case for socialism that has enthused millions of people, a case that may well bring him to Downing Street soon. He has done so by building a multi-colored coalition that welcomes…

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  • A proposal: A simple, effective mechanism to improve the world, one penny at a time

    Corporations run the world. It’s time we run the corporations. By Paula Schmitt There’s a passage in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that is emblematic of the darkness faced by consumers with any social concern. Apple is being visited by Danielle Mitterrand, the wife of the then French president, and while Jobs keeps force-feeding her all his sloganeering about technology and design, Mitterrand interrupts him to ask about working conditions, overtime, holidays. Jobs, of course, doesn’t answer. Proponents of capitalism like to boast that their system is about choice; but choice of what? Of brands? Products? I want to…

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  • Ending the occupation won’t save (most) Israelis money

    Not only is he a liar and war-mongerer, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ruins economies, too! His corporate capitalism will make sure Israelis won't see the economic fruits of ending the occupation (not that it will ever happen on his watch, anyway...) Bibiconomy I swear to God, if I see one more person write that Israelis suffer economically because of the settlements, I’ll lose it. Or if someone says #J14 protesters should demonstrate against the occupation because the State poured $100 billion into the territories since the 70's, and that’s money that they would have seen otherwise, I’ll go bonkers. Those…

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  • J14: No need to bring up the occupation - it’s the capitalism, stupid!

    With the growing number of calls for J14 to address the “elephant in the room” that apparently no one is willing to talk about - the occupation (shhh!), it’s important to understand something: there is no elephant Lately there have been calls on the Left, including here on +972, for the #J14 movement to talk about the elephant in the tent: the occupation. Not only do these calls show a misunderstanding of Israeli society, they also show what I believe to be a misunderstanding of what #J14 is really about. Allow me to begin with the latter. What is J14…

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  • Tent protests resurrect healthy Israeli social dynamics

    Recent weeks have shown a spectacular change in our sense of community, a return to forgotten values and the introduction of new ones. Will any of this last? In 1989, my father was appointed Israel Government Radio's correspondent in Washington DC, and my family left for a three year sojourn in America. It was very clear then which country we were leaving and to which country we were going. We regarded Israel as "Communityland," a place where people were involved in one another's lives, often excessively. The land awaiting us across the sea, on the other hand, was said to…

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  • Social/housing protesters won't defeat capitalism

    My friend Boaz Gaon wrote a beautiful longing prayer for the day after the citizen uprising around the country, outlining a progressive’s fantasy (posted on the Hebrew women-issues web-zine Saloona). In his day-after scenario, cultural and intellectual professions will earn dignified salaries, the money-based professions will be out of fashion – non-materialism will prevail: An Israeli who parks his jeep at the entrance to a restaurant will be viewed as anti-Israeli even if he voted Likud. It will be justified to cover his car with tar and feathers. Children will point to him when he leaves the restaurant and whisper.…

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  • Fighting the collapse of social services in Israel

    Official government statistics point to an all-time peak in the country's social gap. It's time Israelis stand up for their rights By Tali Nir Israelis do not like to be taken for suckers or fools. It is somehow imprinted in our national DNA.  Nevertheless, when we look back at what has happened to our country over the last decade – in terms of what we contribute to the state and what we receive in return – the question arises whether we, as a society, are genuinely aware of our rights and know how to protect them, or whether we’ve been…

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