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capital punishment

  • A death penalty for terrorists would be terrible for Israel

    Not only would the death penalty have no deterrent effect on bona fide terrorists. It's just plain wrong. Update: On Sunday afternoon, Haaretz reports that the Prime Minister postponed the ministerial debate on the death penalty bill for three months - most likely a delaying tactic. He also instructed the formation of a government committee to look into the issue. The bill's sponsor responded that delaying the debate over the death penalty is proof that Likud isn't truly part of the "national" camp. Israel's Justice Minister supports of the bill. A ministerial committee was expected to decide whether or not…

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  • IDF wants death penalty for Itamar killers

    Haaretz¬†reported this morning that the military prosecution has finished preparing the charge sheet for the two suspected murderers of the Fogel family from the settlement of Itamar, and intends to ask for a death sentence. Says Chaim Levinson: The army will apparently seek the death penalty for the murderers of five members of the Fogel family in the West Bank settlement of Itamar in March. This would be the first time it has sought a sentence of death since the mid-1990s. Such a request would most likely be purely symbolic, since the only case in which a death penalty was…

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