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burning kites

  • Thanks to Gaza protests, Israel has a new crop of 'battle tested' weapons for sale

    Grenade-carrying drones that commit suicide, 'smart fences,' and other new tools to suppress demonstrations. A new report reveals how Israel is using the protests in Gaza to showcase its arms industry. By Meron Rapoport In an interview earlier this past April, Sa’ar Korush, who until recently served as the CEO of the company that built the wall surrounding parts of the Gaza Strip, told Bloomberg that “Gaza has become the showroom for the company’s ‘smart fences,’ as customers appreciate that the products are battle-tested.” For Israel’s arms industries, the Great Return March, which began two weeks before Koresh spoke to Bloomberg, likely gives them…

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  • Israeli activists bring images of Gaza dead to the heart of Tel Aviv

    In the middle of the night, left-wing activists hung 115 kites along Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv's central street — one for each Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests. Israeli activists hung 115 black kites along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard overnight on Sunday, in remembrance of every Palestinian killed by the Israeli army in Gaza during the Great Return March. “We all witnessed what happened in Gaza over the past couple of weeks, says A., one of the organizers of the action. "There was a big escalation both in terms of what happened and the…

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