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Burgas terror attack

  • The dark heart of Israel's regional military policy

    When you believe your enemies hate you more than they love their children, as Golda Meir put it, there's no real deterrence against them; you have to keep bombing. Most people in the West, I’d say, think that if Israel gives up the occupation, it will be healed. It will no longer be a danger to others and itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and additional proof of this came Monday night when Israeli jet bombers again struck Hezbollah in Lebanon. The attack was another reminder that even if Israel were to get out of the West Bank and adopt…

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  • Netanyahu lays blame for Bulgaria attack ahead of evidence

    The investigation into the Burgas terror attack barely got underway when Prime Minister Netanyahu already announced that it was carried out by Iran through its proxy Hezbollah. Whether or not it in fact was, it is the public's duty to refuse to accept the government's claims, until they are backed up with solid evidence.  Returning to his halcyon days as the national inciter, standing near the blood pools of suicide attack victims, the Prime Minister was quick to announce – before the sooty bus in Burgas was even removed – that the responsibility for the attack lies with Iran or its…

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  • The cost of Israeli recklessness: Six dead in Burgas

    When Israel assassinated Hezbollah's Imad Mughniyeh and five Iranian nuclear scientists, it was picking a fight, and the payback - or part of it - was Wednesday's bus bombing.   It says something about Israeli society's fear of facing hard truths when the only public figure who dares to state the obvious about the Burgas attack is Dr. Uzi Arad, who used to be known as "Dr. Strangelove" before he fell out of grace with Netanyahu over Iran. While everybody else here either doesn't believe or is afraid to say that Israel's all-but-confirmed assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists and Hezbollah military chief Imad…

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