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  • ‘She just wants chocolate! What is she, an Arab?’

    Israeli social media is talking about one thing today: the video showing Israeli passengers cursing and threatening a flight attendant on their way to Varna, Bulgaria. The headlines are pretty much the same all over, and include the words: “Watch: The Ugly Israeli,” in reference to what Israelis see as the rude behavior they are notorious for worldwide. However, few (including mainstream media) paid attention to the little gem hidden in the video, a one-liner that epitomizes the casual racism so widespread in the Jewish state. The flight attendant refuses to sell chocolate to a passenger (apparently he was busy…

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  • On lowering the moral standards for the other side: A response to Derfner

    Larry Derfner gets dangerously close to blaming Israel for the Burgas attack. When Israel assassinated Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh and five Iranian nuclear scientists, it was picking a fight, and the payback – or part of it – was Wednesday’s bus bombing. I agree that when Israeli leaders decided to assassinate Iranian scientists, they increased the probability of an attack on Israeli citizens. I think that this point needs to be present in the Israeli debate following the attack. For me, this is another reason to fear the judgment of the odd couple, Barak and Netanyahu. Yet when raising this issue,…

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  • On the Bulgaria terror attack and the Israeli fear of new violence

    Every terror attack brings back the horror of all the others that preceded it. The bomb that exploded a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last night is beyond horrific – it is a physical, emotional and psychological nightmare. For the Israeli and Bulgarian families of the dead, the nightmare will never end. The rest of us revert to the state of incomprehensible shock and sadness, as our minds play out the endless loop of scenarios in which it could have been us – the process that was the norm during previous waves of violence. Needless to say any attempt…

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