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  • West Bank demolitions: Building up and tearing down on the way to annexation

    Israel has not slowed down its demolition of Palestinian structures in the occupied territories in 2017, after a year which saw a record number of buildings destroyed.  Demolitions of Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2017 have so far continued at much the same rate as in 2016, a year in which Israel destroyed a record number of buildings in the occupied territories. [tmwinpost] In January alone, Israeli forces have demolished 121 structures in the West Bank and 16 structures in East Jerusalem, according to figures from the United Nation’s humanitarian agency that were provided to +972.…

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  • Tearing down before building up

    In order to create genuine housing solutions for Arab society in Israel, existing homes and developments must be retroactively licensed. Only then will it be possible to tackle illegal construction. By Moran Aviv and Mohammad Khaliliyeh Several months ago the government authorized a plan to narrow the huge economic gaps between Arab and Jewish citizens by equalizing part of the budget mechanisms in the state budget. Before the funds could be transferred, however, the government decided to establish a mechanism to enforce planning and building laws in the country’s Arab communities, and held up the former plan until the latter was passed into law.…

  • IDF demolishes Hebron orphanage's dairy factory

    The Hebron dairy is the primary source of income for an Islamic organization that runs two orphanages and nine schools. Israeli army forces arrived to the outskirts of Hebron Tuesday morning and demolished the Al-Rayyan yogurt factory. The factory is owned by the Islamic Charitable Society (ICS) of Hebron and is the primary source of income for the organization, which runs two orphanages, nine schools and provides handicapped and impoverished populations with work and stipends. The organization directly aids 4,000 needy people in the Hebron area. Without the factory it will be have great difficulty continuing its charitable activities. I…

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  • WATCH: In Jerusalem, ‘Palestinians aren’t allowed to dream’

    A short documentary film looks at three Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and their struggle to build homes. Filmmaker Omri Shenhar: ‘They drive us in their cabs, build our houses, and collect our trash. But when it comes to their rights we shutter our eyes and hide behind a wall.’ By Omri Shenhar A few months ago I spent an entire weekend in Jerusalem. On Friday I went with my whole family, guided by my grandfather, to the Har'el Brigade monument located next to the Israeli Supreme Court.  My grandpa told us about the battles that he took part in.…

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  • Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Area C

    As America celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama, it was business as usual in Israeli-controlled Area C of the West Bank. At least two Palestinian homes were demolished today. The residents' 'crime?' They didn't have building permits, which are issued by Israel and are next to impossible for Palestinians to obtain.  According to Operation Dove, an Italian organization that maintains an international presence in the South Hebron Hills, one home was destroyed in Ad Deirat, while another house and a water cistern were destroyed in Jawwaya. Both villages are located in Area C of the West Bank, where Palestinians are under increasing…

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