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British Jews

  • British Jews are speaking out on Israel. Will the progressive community have our back?

    We expected attacks on anti-occupation voices by Britain's Jewish communal leaders. Now our progressive Jewish institutions are turning their backs on us when we need them most. By Emily Hilton In May of this year, a group of U.K.-based Jewish anti-occupation activists held a demonstration in London’s Parliament Square, where we recited the kaddish, the Jewish mourner’s prayer, for the Palestinians who have been killed by the IDF during the Great Return March. The views on Israel and Zionism amongst the participants were diverse, but one thing unified all of us: we care about what being done in the name of Judaism, and…

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  • The British Jewish community won't silence our solidarity with Gaza

    Young British Jews are facing a torrent of hatred from their own community for expressing solidarity with Gaza. And yet, more British Jews are struggling to see the values they hold reflected in the Israeli government. By Rob Abrams A group of mostly young British Jews took a large step forward in shifting the British Jewish community’s debate on Israel and the occupation this past week. Around 50 British Jews, shocked by the scale of death in Gaza, after Israeli snipers shot dead 60 Palestinians in a single day, gathered in Parliament Square in central London to name the dead…

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  • Meet the radical Israeli looking to lead Britain's Jewish students

    A radical, left-wing British-Israeli has shaken up the race for the next president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish students, and drawn international media attention. Eran Cohen talks BDS, diasporism, and being wounded by unfriendly IDF fire. By Matan Kaminer The election campaign for president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish Students is not the kind of story you'd expect to be picked up by the international media. But Eran Cohen, a British-Israeli and a radical leftist, is not your usual kind of candidate, and his campaign has generated headlines in Jewish outlets in the U.S. and Israel. [tmwinpost] With political…

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  • Fewer British Jews identifying as 'Zionists,' poll shows

    According to a new poll, 75 percent of British Jews believe Israeli settlements are a 'major' obstacle to peace. Over 60 percent believe making peace with the Palestinians is Israel's top priority. The British Jewish community is undergoing a shift in its attitudes towards the Israeli government, according to a new report released on Thursday. The survey, which was funded by British "pro-Israel, pro-peace" group Yachad and conducted by academics at the City University in London, showed that while British Jews are overwhelmingly supportive of Israel as a Jewish state, a large majority — 75 percent — believes settlements are a…

  • UK Jewish youth insist, 'not' marking Green Line is a political act

    British Jewish youth want a more honest conversation, demand that their community leaders recognize reality on the ground when discussing Israel and the conflict. By Jessica Weiss and Emily Hilton America uses it. The EU uses it. There are even some maps in which the Israeli government uses it. So why then, is the British Jewish community so afraid of demarcating, let alone discussing the Green Line? Regardless of your political perspective, in order to try and gain some understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict, one must be able to identify contested areas, know the history that goes with them, and…

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