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Bradley Burston

  • BDS is not a Zionist movement

    The Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is not about the number of states, it's about a just outcome that guarantees basic rights for everyone. Liberal Zionists and progressive Jews have a hard time with the BDS Movement. Many liberal Zionists very much want to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign as a non-violent vehicle for opposing the occupation. Unfortunately, they quickly find that they have difficulties with its clearly-defined goals and tactics, the way it defines those goals, and sadly, the fact that it is a Palestinian-led movement. [tmwinpost] Coming at the tail end of countless failed peace…

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  • Despite dissatisfaction, U.S. Jews won’t be abandoning Israel that soon

    It is true that many in the U.S. Jewish community are not happy with current Israeli policies. But in the face of countervailing trends, it is not clear this will change the community’s overall levels of attachment and support. By Brent E. Sasley In a recent op-ed in Haaretz, Bradley Burston argues that U.S. Jews are moving away from Israel because of the government’s illiberal domestic politics and intransigent foreign policies. He believes that by 2013 they may just “secede” altogether from a country doing things they don’t want done in their name. There are certainly signs pointing in that direction. Peter Beinart…

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  • Boycotting Israel means denying its right to exist

    Most boycotters would deny Israel’s right to exist, or deny Israeli's right to self-determination. They would install Palestine in its place, instead of by its side. By Noam Wiener Apartheid week is here again and with it the debate about Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). Norman Finkelstein gave an interview, Sean O’Neil responded indignantly. Bradley Burston wrote a piece in Haaretz, Noam Sheizaf responded here on +972. I want to focus more on the choice to boycott, and less on whether it is effective, whether BDS is a big or a small movement, or whether the one state solution is…

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  • Don’t fight Apartheid Week: Responding to Haaretz's Burston

    I love Bradley Burston's writing. He is clever and passionate, and more often than not, he is upset by the same things I am. But I found his post on Apartheid Week deeply misguided, both morally and politically. Briefly, Burston claims that "Apartheid Week" is both a political failure and a moral abomination, since it is organized by the BDS movement that aims to destroy Israel. Mixing the moral issue – whether Apartheid Week is justified – with the question of effectiveness (is it working?) tends to blur the debate. To make things simple, I won't address BDS' and Apartheid…

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  • Supporting the Egyptian people from Tel Aviv

    When I wanted to make the following statement of support for the Egyptian people, a colleague asked the following question: why should I make such an announcement as an Israeli? Why should the support for Egyptian protesters have a national identity? At first I thought, he's right - why make this into an Israeli statement, when the question of Israel is so toxic in the current environment? I can make the statement as a human being. Then I thought again and decided that davka as an Israeli I want to make this statement. Rabbi Michael Lerner made the case beautifully…

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