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boycott settlement products

  • You can boycott anything in Israel — except the occupation

    The 'boycott law' won't put an end to the BDS movement — its real importance lies in the criminalization of all opposition to the occupation. A few months ago, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman called for a boycott of businesses owned by Arab citizens of Israel. Such remarks — blunt racism directed at 20 percent of Israelis, regardless of their actions, opinions or political affiliations — are now well-embedded within the Israeli mainstream. Liberman himself is a legitimate coalition partner as far as either Labor or Likud are concerned. Meanwhile, the call to boycott those who profit from the occupation…

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  • J Street, undaunted by reality: Interview with Jeremy Ben-Ami

    "It's much easier to sit at home and lob criticism through blogs and tweets, and post that this isn't changing the world overnight. But political change happens one step at a time...If you're sitting on the sidelines critiquing the runners, I have no respect for you. Get in the race, show you can run it faster, show you can get to the finish line, prove you have better ideas." -J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami Flush from the success of its third annual conference, J Street stands at tough crossroads. Its first two years of heady success as the receptacle…

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  • Buy No Evil: boycott settlements via phone app

    As everyone knows, the “settlement freeze” – the Netanyahu’s government lame attempt at showing seriousness on the peace process – will expire tomorrow (26 September). There is, however, another way of reminding the settlers they are illegitimate - by boycotting their produce. In the 1980s, an old leftist sneer was that the “entire agriculture of the settlements could be placed under the roof of one mall.” That is certainly no longer the case. As the settlers embraced the ethos of blood and land, a sizeable number of them decided against keeping their settlements as a bedroom community while working elsewhere…

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