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  • Blogger offers army deal: Release information, and I'll go to prison willingly

    Eishton, the blogger who was recently interrogated and asked to give up sources, is offering authorities an interesting deal: if the army releases all the information that it says is "out in the open" on soldier deaths – Eishton will confess to all charges brought in his interrogation, and will agree to sit in prison. The interrogation of the anonymous blogger was conducted due to a series of posts he published, examining who exactly are the 126 soldiers who “died while protecting their country” between April 2011-2012, as officially pronounced on Memorial Day. Following thorough research and thanks to a…

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  • Blogger interrogated, asked to give up army source

    The Israeli blogger 'Eishton' has been questioned by civilian and military police in an attempt to make him reveal a whistleblower who supplied him with unclassified military documents. His interrogation has attracted media attention to the anonymous blogger and his writing. Eishton (a combination of the Hebrew words for "newspaper' and "man") was interrogated by police in an attempt to push him into giving up a source within the army or the Ministry of Defense, who helped him in his unique in-depth three-part research on army casualties. Following the interrogation, Eishton published a warning on his blog, stating that he…

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  • Web rallies to the aid of kidnapped "A gay girl in Damascus" blogger

    Prominent American-Syrian political blogger Amina Abdallah Arraf abducted by armed young men in Damascus * Whereabouts remain unknown * Letter-writing campaign begins, targeting senators, the White House and Syrian embassies * Updates below The Syrian-American author of one of the most important political blogs in Syria appears to have been apprehended by one of the Syrian security forces, according to a post on "A Gay Girl in Damascus". The current situation and location of the blog's regular author, Amina Abdallah Arraf, remains unclear. According to the post, written by Arraf's cousin, the blogger  was ambushed early Sunday evening on her way…

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