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  • The two-state solution is no longer feasible: Time to decide

    Binyamin Netanyahu fantasizes about 60 more years of occupation – and the Palestinians should demand equal citizenship in Israel If anyone wanted to know what Binyamin Netanyahu actually thinks about the peace process, he said it clearly himself last week: According to Netanyahu, the Palestinian appeal to the UN “will gridlock the negotiations for 60 years”. So, 44 years after the occupation and 18 years after the Israeli government and representatives of the Palestinians began negotiating, Netanyahu thinks it feasible to carry on for some 60 more years, give or take. And, naturally, should anything of the sort happen, this…

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  • No, Egyptian uprising won't hurt the peace process

    (simply because there is no such thing) Yesterday, Politico's Laura Rozen posted this tweet: On Isr/Egypt, official tells me while Egypt unrest demos status quo unstable, makes Isr hunker down, less willing to "take risks for peace. Hey, wasn't that the Israeli reply to… just about any event in recent history? Turmoil in Lebanon? Further proof that Israel can't take risks. The publication of the Palestine Papers? PM Netanyahu concludes that he could go on building in East Jerusalem. Unilateralism? it' s bad for peace. International community's involvement? You guessed it: A disaster for Peace. Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Foreign…

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