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  • PHOTOS: What the press missed in Bil'in tear gas flower garden

    A garden of flowers planted in used tear gas grenades memorializes Bassem Abu Rahmah, killed by Israeli forces in 2009 in Bil'in. But recent AP photo coverage looks mostly at the flowers and misses the memorial. Text by Elias Nawawieh Photos by The act is one of both peaceful resistance and an answer to the separation wall erected by the State of Israel. Residents of the village of Bil'in have created an oasis in the arid landscape of the West Bank, and sown flowers in tear gas canisters which were fired at protesters by Israeli forces. Bassem Abu Rahmah,…

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  • Soldiers raiding Palestinian homes: 'We want peace'

    A new video from Nabi Saleh shows a night-time raid on the home of activist Bilal Tamimi, during which soldiers claim they just want peace – as they take all the children out from their beds. Nightly raids on the homes of Palestinian activists in the popular struggle are nothing new. The people of each and every village where demonstrations take place on a regular basis know that at one point or another – their houses are likely to get raided in the dead of night, at times turned upside down, at times leading to arrests, but often just for…

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  • Protesting the revolting death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah

    Last night I went to the demonstration in Tel Aviv to protest of the killing of Jawaher Abu Rahmah in Bilin on Friday. Being a family man, it’s hard to be as active as I once was. But I really wanted to go to this one. To put it simply, Jawahar’s death disgusted me. The ease in which non violent protesters in the territories are killed and injured is revolting. I stood last night in front of the Defense Ministry to point a finger at the man responsible, Ehud Barak, for the death of Jawahar. I joined the chants, “Ehud…

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  • Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv to protest Bil'in woman's death

    Hundreds of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv Saturday night to protest the death of Bil'in resident Jawaher Abu Rahmah, who died on Saturday morning after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli forces during the weekly anti-fence demonstration. The 36 year-old woman was evacuated to a Ramallah hospital on Friday afternoon, after losing consciousness. Doctors attached her to a respirator and treated her for exposure to toxins found in the tear gas, but the patient did not respond. She died at 9 o'clock  on Saturday morning, without regaining consciousness. Bil'in has been the site of weekly demonstrations on Friday afternoons since…

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