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Bilal Diab

  • IMAGES: Protesters, IDF clash on Nakba Day at Ofer prison

    The army used tear gas and plastic-coated steel bullets against stone-throwing demonstrators, at least 200 required medical treatment. [UPDATE: Photo gallery from the Nakba Day demonstrations has been added at the bottom of this piece.]  By Max Schindler RAMALLAH – Tuesday's annual Nakba Day commemorations, marking the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, focused largely on support for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Until an agreement reached on Monday night, more than 1,500 prisoners had fasted for weeks, demanding an end to administrative detention and for improving their prison conditions. Yesterday, Israel announced that it would meet a few of the prisoners'…

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  • UPDATE: Prisoners agree to end hunger strike

    An agreement was reached on Monday between the representatives of Palestinian prisoners and Israel to end the collective hunger strike that had been going on for months inside Israeli jails. Israel apparently has 72 hours to implement the agreement, however, many of the details have yet to be released and a public inquiry of how the deal was formulated and by whom must still be addressed. A prisoner rights group, Addameer, has confirmed the end of the strike but said in a press release, "Until Addameer sees the written agreement, we do not know the status of other hunger strike…

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  • As hunger strike persists, Israel mulls response to prisoners

    1,550 Palestinians are on hunger strike. Four of them have been striking for over 60 days and are at risk of death, and one  passed out in court today. Thousands have been demonstrating daily in solidarity, and at least ten demonstrators were arrested outside the Ramle prison this evening – and the Israeli Prison Service is finally about to decide on its response to the prisoners' struggle. More than 200 demonstrators called for the release of Palestinian prisoners this evening (Thursday) in a protest outside the Ramle prison compound in central Israel, where many Palestinian political prisoners are held. Among…

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  • WATCH: Palestinians protest in support of hunger strikers

    Protesters demonstrated on Tuesday outside the Ofer Prison in the West Bank in support of some 2,000 Palestinian prisoners taking part in a mass hunger strike. At least two of those prisoners, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, are considered at immediate risk of death. In the video below, a Palestinian woman is seen climbing atop an Israeli "skunk" water truck. Witness the Israeli forces' crowd dispersal methods in action.    Related posts: As prisoners reach the breaking point, what will Israel do? ‘Empty Stomachs’ hunger strike spreads across prisons

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  • As prisoners reach the breaking point, what will Israel do?

    A fateful moment awaits as Israel is forced to choose how it will handle the Palestinian prisoner revolt. In the next few days, something momentous will occur. A group of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for over 60 days will either be released from incarceration in Israeli prison without charge or trial, or they will likely die. And it will not end there, either. Many more have followed them down this perilous road of life, death and principle. In fact, thousands more. Two Palestinians—Khader Adnan and Hana Shalabi—have already crossed the finish line, securing their release from prison—through deals cut…

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  • Mixed reactions in Palestine over deal to release, deport Shalabi

    Shalabi ended her hunger strike and is supposed to be freed from prison within days – but banished to Gaza. While pleased with the release, many criticize the deportation, and some accuse Israel of foul play. A second hunger striker administrative detainee was released without conditions. Two more detainees have been hospitalized, having entered their second month of hunger strike. After 43 days of hunger strike, and while at imminent risk of death, administrative detainee Hana Shalabi started eating yesterday (Thursday) night in a deal has been struck for her release. Shalabi has reportedly agreed to be deported to the…

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