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  • Why these Israeli elections actually matter

    Netanyahu looms so large that he has become a symbol of everything that’s right and wrong with Israel. But behind the symbol stand two very substantive visions of where Israel is headed. Like most weeks over the last decade, this was a week of Netanyahu. It began on Saturday evening when the prime minister gave a rare, surprise live television interview on Channel 2. The interview was his first to a mainstream Israeli media outlet in four years, guaranteed to make news for that reason alone. From there he flew to Washington to receive a prize from President Trump: American…

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  • The paranoid ramblings of a leader who's lost his grip

    Days before national elections, incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lays out an elaborate plot to unseat him, which he claims is being run by foreign liberals who want peace. 'They’ll withdraw to the 1967 boundaries and they will divide Jerusalem — just as Tzipi and Buji promised they would do. They know that unlike Tzipi and Buji, the Likud and I will never surrender to pressure,' Netanyahu writes in a long Facebook status. Benjamin Netanyahu's recent Facebook status, posted on Friday in Hebrew, is distinctly odd. It makes him sound like a rambling paranoid who's off his meds, and local reporters have…

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  • WATCH: Hiroshima Day in Israel - Don't Bomb, Talk!

    Last Monday August 6, the Israeli Disarmament Movement (RPM) held a protest against an Israeli strike on Iran on the anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima. That day 67 years ago in 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a few days later, ultimately destroying both cities and causing over 200,000 casualties. RPM is explicitly against an Israeli attack on Iran, and for solving the issues with discussions and not with violence. RPM also calls on Israel to participate in the conference on establishing a Middle East that is free of…

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  • Obama addresses AIPAC, campaigns for re-election all at once

    WASHINGTON -- The stage and the performers looked the same.  But the plot, it appears, has thickened.  Israeli and Americans leaders, speaking once again at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, reiterated their support for both countries, their commitment to cooperation, and the usual rhetoric one would expect to find at an ego-stroking gathering.  But this year, there is much at stake.  For the Israelis, their backyard has significantly changed.  One year ago, people had just begun uttering the words “Arab Spring” without really knowing what the Summer and Fall would look like.  Egypt had a “devil-we-know” leader, and Syria was…

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