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  • The strange relationship between Silvio Berlusconi and Italian Jews

    Why would Italian Jews vote for a man who says Mussolini wasn't all that bad? By Anna Momigliano ROME – After dominating Italian politics for two decades, Silvio Berlusconi is running for re-election. Recently, the flamboyant 77-year-old tycoon spoke in praise of Mussolini – incredibly, he made his remarks on Holocaust Remembrance Day, at the January 27 ceremony held in his native Milan. “The Racial Laws [that stripped Jews of their civil rights in 1938] were the worst sin of a leader who, in other respects, accomplished many positive things," Berlusconi said. His audience included local Jewish leaders. Predictably enough, he was booed.…

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  • Italian reflections: A journey between Bibi and Berlusconi

    After three days in Amman, my beloved Itka said: "That's it, I've had enough. I must go somewhere where women wear miniskirts." We left Israel for Jordan hoping to find a cheap flight somewhere further afield, but flights to the lands of miniskirts, of saris or of kimonos all turned out to be full. Eid al-Fitr recently ended, and just as the Jewish holidays made flying out of Israel difficult, so did the Eid trap us in Jordan. Finally we gave up and headed home, crossed the border at the Jordan Valley crossing and gave El-Al one last desperate call.…


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