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Bassem Abu Rahmah

  • Photography as protest in Palestine/Israel

    "Activestills: Photography as Protest in Palestine/Israel," edited by Vered Maimon and Shiraz Grinbaum, Pluto Press (2016) The first time I truly began to grasp the potency of photojournalism was on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard in June 2011. It was barely a few days after a group of young Israelis decided to pitch tents on the city's most recognizable thoroughfare, launching what would soon come to be known as the social protest movement. By the end of that first week, Rothschild began to look like a cross-section of Jewish Israeli civil society, with activist groups from every strain imaginable setting up…

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  • WATCH: IDF fires tear gas canisters directly at protesters

    Two Palestinian protesters have been killed from the practice in recent years despite it being illegal. In keeping with a recent upsurge in the illegal use of lethal force during weekly Friday demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, video footage emerged last week of an Israeli soldier firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters on March 13, 2015, filmed by local journalist Bilal Tamimi. Shooting tear gas canisters directly at humans can be deadly, due to the velocity at which the canisters are fired. Just over three years ago, Mustafa Tamimi was killed in the same spot after being hit in the…

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  • Israel increases pressure on nonviolent struggle's flagship village

    Whether as a result of the violence in Jerusalem or just because there’s a new commander in town, the Israeli army is once again increasing its oppressive measures in the West Bank village of Bil’in. By Roy Wagner There's nothing new under the sun in Bil'in. If you take a look at the Wikipedia page on Bil'in, you'll see that the last updates about the village's struggle against the separation wall refer to 2012. B'Tselem's page on Bil'in was last updated almost two years ago. One could easily be led to believe that the struggle is over. But Bil'in continues…

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  • WATCH: IDF officer fires tear gas directly at photographer

    A video shot in the West Bank town of Beit Ummar last Wednesday shows an IDF officer shooting a tear gas canister directly at a volunteer videographer from human rights organization B'Tselem. The images were captured during a protest in the small town, north of Hebron. Stones were thrown at an army vehicle; soldiers shot tear gas in the general direction of the stone throwers. B'Tselem photographer Muhmmad Awad was standing near the soldiers and documenting the event when an officer aimed and shot shot a tear gas canister directly at him. Awad suffered light injuries. Here is a video…

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  • PHOTOS: What the press missed in Bil'in tear gas flower garden

    A garden of flowers planted in used tear gas grenades memorializes Bassem Abu Rahmah, killed by Israeli forces in 2009 in Bil'in. But recent AP photo coverage looks mostly at the flowers and misses the memorial. Text by Elias Nawawieh Photos by The act is one of both peaceful resistance and an answer to the separation wall erected by the State of Israel. Residents of the village of Bil'in have created an oasis in the arid landscape of the West Bank, and sown flowers in tear gas canisters which were fired at protesters by Israeli forces. Bassem Abu Rahmah,…

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  • Despite video evidence, officer who shot Israeli demonstrator won't be charged

    The Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem received notification from the military prosecution recently, informing it that charges will not be filed against an officer who shot an Israeli activist during a 2008 demonstration in Bil'in. B'Tselem intends to appeal the decision. The incident took place during the weekly demonstration against the separation fence in Bil'in on March15, 2008. At the time, demonstrations used to reach the old route of the fence - which has since been found illegal by the Israeli High Court of Justice but not yet dismantled - and the army would cross the gate in the fence and…

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  • Hands Not Bombs: From the cave of your invented neighbors

    "Dare to look for the handprints, dare to acknowledge the humanity of an invented people." A Palestinian-American student, writer and activist takes a journey of discovery,  in an essay inspired by the culture and literature of liberation, an ancient symbol, and a prehistoric cranium.  By Tamara Masri Skulls of early man flashed across the screen. Dr. Bailey looked at no notes as he described the anatomical features of the ancient cranium. “Female Neanderthal found in Mt. Taboun, Israel”.. For the first time in my Biological Anthropology class, I felt a small jolt in my gut.  Until that moment, the babble and…

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  • IMAGES: funeral of Bil'in protester Jawaher abu Rahmah

    Bil'in, West Bank - Jawaher Abu Rahmah, 36, who died this morning (Saturday) after inhaling massive amounts of tear-gas during the weekly protest in Bil’in yesterday, was buried today next to her brother, Bassem Abu Rahmah, who was killed from a direct hit to his chest during an unarmed protest in Bil'in last April. The following images were taken at Jawaher's funeral. Related stories: Female protester killed by Israeli tear gas in Bil’in Y-NET reporter slurs non-violent movement

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