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Bassem Abu Rahma

  • PHOTOS: What the press missed in Bil'in tear gas flower garden

    A garden of flowers planted in used tear gas grenades memorializes Bassem Abu Rahmah, killed by Israeli forces in 2009 in Bil'in. But recent AP photo coverage looks mostly at the flowers and misses the memorial. Text by Elias Nawawieh Photos by The act is one of both peaceful resistance and an answer to the separation wall erected by the State of Israel. Residents of the village of Bil'in have created an oasis in the arid landscape of the West Bank, and sown flowers in tear gas canisters which were fired at protesters by Israeli forces. Bassem Abu Rahmah,…

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  • Documenting life and struggle from within: Bil'in photographer publishes first book

    Seeing his cousin being shot and killed by soldiers while protesting non-violently drove Hamde Abu-Rahma to photojournalism. Four years later his first book, 'Roots Run Deep', documenting life in Bil'in and occupied Palestine, has been published. The picture outside his window still looks grim but Abu-Rahma insists on smiling. Hamde Abu-Rahma, 26, is probably the most cheerful person in Bil'in. Not just now, celebrating his new book, but always. Anyone visiting this tiny village, which after eight and a half years of ongoing resistance long ago become a symbol for the popular struggle against the wall and settlements, is bound to…

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  • IDF investigations: Will there be justice for Tamimi?

    IDF policy requires a criminal investigation be launched immediately when military operations in the occupied Palestinian territories cause death. But a defective system essentially ensures that the investigation will not be conducted in a fair and impartial manner, enabling soldiers to continue to act with impunity. This article was first published in The Jerusalem Post and is reprinted with permission. By Emily Schaeffer The death of 28-year-old Mustafa Tamimi of the village of Nabi Saleh last month raises questions about the Israeli military establishment’s investigative processes. Tamimi was only the latest casualty of the IDF’s abundant use of tear gas to disperse…

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