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  • Paris attacks show the interconnectedness of our troubles

    If the attacks on Paris are viewed as 'an attack on us all,' then so too should the wars in Syria and Iraq. Like millions of others last night, I stayed up for hours following the news of the horrifying attacks in Paris. At the same time that I dreaded the rising body count and the welfare of my friends and a family member (all safe), I was also afraid of what the public responses would be to the events both from France and around the world. Indeed, I came across plenty of hateful and racist comments lambasting Muslims, cursing…

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  • France must not push Muslims into the arms of extremists

    The terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket were well-trained, spoke French and knew their actions would play into the hands of France's Islamophobic right. Let's not give them what they're after. By Yossi Dahan As Israel's news outlets covered the terrorist attacks in Paris, we watched how our analysts and correspondence suddenly became experts on the Republic of France and Islam. We watch as they compete over who does a better job mocking French naiveté - over the "political correctness" by which the French treat the Muslims as equal citizens. The French have likely not seen Tzvi…

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  • Farhud, 1941: Iraqi Jews remember a massacre

    On the holiday of Shavuot in 1941, Iraq's Jews experienced a pogrom that claimed over 180 lives and ended in mass looting. But there’s another story from the Farhud that often goes undiscussed: the bravery of Muslims during the crisis. "The Farhud" / Foreword By Orit Bashkin (translated by Asaf Shalev) Silently but not without some noise, a blessed thing is happening in Israel right now. The general category of “Mizrahiness” is falling apart into the stories of specific communities, cities, places, languages and memories: Iraq and Morocco, Aleppo and Oran, Ladino and Aramaic. All of them are asking to tell…

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  • WATCH: Tensions mount on Turkey-Syria border

    AKCAKALE, TURKEY -- It has been nearly a week since a Syrian mortar shell landed on a Turkish home just across the border, killing five members of the same family. The incident brought a swift response from Turkey, and a promise by the government in Ankara that it would not hesitate to strike back, which it has done nearly every day since.  But a growing role for Turkey in the Syrian conflict may also mean some tricky navigation through political and diplomatic waters.   Turkey continued sending additional tanks and troops to its border with Syria, enforcing those already there,…

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