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" Ayatollah Khomeni

  • Iranian analyst: For a fair offer, Iran will compromise on its nuclear program

    By Eyal Clyne (From Hebrew: Ofer Neiman) "The Iranian government is so heavily invested in the nuclear project, that if it were to give up this flag, it would mean nothing less than political suicide […] Iranian leaders have publicly chained themselves to this issue, to the extent that now it's a matter of political survival. One cannot just raise one's hands in surrender after years of investment and sacrifice… but for a fair package deal, which will acknowledge their rights, they will compromise… If they will be offered a decent way out, which can be brought to the [Iranian]…

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  • Christopher Stevens was neither killed by a film, nor by U.S. policy

    The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed by Islamic anti-American fanaticism. By now there's no need to point out the right-wing, anti-Muslim bad guys in the story surrounding Tuesday's attack in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Mitt Romney is one of those heavies, and the Egyptian Copt and American hardass in California who made the film "Innocence of Muslims," along with all those who promoted it on YouTube, are the others. (By now it should also be known that there was no "Israeli-American real-estate developer" named Sam Bacile behind the movie, nor was it financed…

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