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Avital Leibovich

  • The IDF announces a military operation against Gaza - on Twitter

    Using a multi-pronged strategy, the army spokesperson's office launched a full social media assault via YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, with the latter in English, Hebrew, Arabic, French and Spanish. No word yet on the tumblr blog, though. In what is possibly a social media precedent, the Israeli army spokesperson's office (@idfspokesperson) today announced a military action against Gaza — on Twitter. This came shortly after the IDF announced — again on Twitter — that that the Israeli Air Force had assassinated senior Hamas operative Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jaabari. The responses came in immediately, from various sources and in…

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  • IDF defends attack on journalists in Nabi Saleh

    After Israeli armed forces opened fire directly at him and fellow journalists, photojournalist Mati Milstein filed complaints with the Israeli authorities responsible. After a five month delay, the IDF Spokesperson responds: ignoring the evidence, defending the IDF for opening fire, disparaging the journalistic relevance of covering Nabi Saleh protests, and insisting journalists on the scene are there at their own risk.  By Mati Milstein Nearly five months ago, on July 29, Israeli reserve infantrymen and Border Police officers opened fire on a group of photojournalists and television cameramen during a non-violent protest in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.…

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  • Yet another IDF Spokesman lie

    An IDF Spokesman officer tries to mislead the public on the issue of freedom of assembly in the West Bank “The IDF Spokesman is lying, as usual” – these immortal words were not uttered by yours truly or any other backstabbing, well-poisoning and self-hating leftist, but rather by Major General (Aluf) Uri Sagi. And as a rule, Sagi is right on the money. We had another one today: Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich (you may remember her from that classic piece of reasoning, “They had AK-47s, ergo they came from Gaza”) wrote on Twitter that “Today- legal march for human rights…

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