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Avichai Mandelblit

  • As corruption cases close in, Netanyahu will move further right to survive

    Netanyahu is already painting the police recommendation to indict him as a political witch hunt. That will have significant consequences on how the attorney general proceeds, and what Israel's second-longest serving prime minister does to survive. The Israeli police on Tuesday recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in two corruption cases, referred to as Case 1000 and Case 2000. In Case 1000, Netanyahu is suspected of trying to advance the interests of Israeli tycoon Arnon Milchen in exchange for lavish gifts he and his wife demanded; in Case 2000, Netanyahu was recorded plotting to pursue regulatory changes that would have…

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  • WATCH: Hundreds of Israelis protest government corruption

    At the beginning of June, hundreds of Israelis gathered in Petah Tikva to protest against the slow progress on investigations into government corruption, particularly the scandals surrounding Netanyahu, as well as against threats to freedom of expression. Read more: Civil society groups join forces to protect freedom of speech Netanyahu scandal exposes corruption in the Israeli press

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  • Women of the Wall victory can teach us a few things

    If we succeeded at pushing the government to find a solution on a matter as sensitive as the Western Wall, then we can also push Israel's leadership — from a perspective of self interest — to make other, equally positive decisions. By Batya Kallus Last Sunday, following a 27-year struggle by Women of the Wall, the Israeli government approved a plan to create a new pluralistic, egalitarian and feminist plaza alongside the ultra-Orthodox prayer plaza at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is first and foremost a victory for Jewish feminists. But imagine — a group of Jewish religious women…