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Avi Mizrahi

  • Update: Ministers and general did not honor Lior

    As reported earlier this week, Dov Lior - a leading rabbi who supported the gentile slaying guidebook, Torat Ha’Melekh – received honors yesterday by the local council of Hebron Mountain. However, the two ministers (Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon and Eli Yishai) and general (Avi Mirahi) who were supposed to grace the event with their presence have all canceled their appearance (Hebrew). Neither one of them explained why he canceled his appearance. Ma’ariv, who published the original report, claims that it deterred them from showing up. The settler local council claimed the cancellation was the result of a scheduling mix-up. So apparently…

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  • IDF Spokesman denies Jawaher Abu Rahmah died of medical negligence

    The IDF keeps offering new versions regarding the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah – and is contradicted by its own spokesperson Several major Israeli media outlets published yesterday a new IDF “investigation," which claimed that Jawaher Abu Rahmah – who died after inhaling CS (tear) gas in Bil’in – did not die as a result of the gas itself , but rather as a result of the treatment she received at the hospital. This is the IDF’s fourth version of the events. In previous versions she was not present at the demonstration, then she was present; she died of cancer;…

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  • Spin's "senior source" revealed: Who briefed the rightist bloggers?

    The IDF speaks in two voices in the Jawaher Abu Rahmah affair – because it knows its case is weak On Monday the IDF went on a coordinated media offensive against the Bil’in activists and the Abu Rahmah family, claiming not only that Jawahar Abu Rahmah was not killed as a result of inhaling IDF gas, she wasn’t even present in the demonstration on Friday. This comes on a day when the Haaretz editorial questioned the use of CS gas, claiming it may be especially deadly. Or, rather, it wasn’t the IDF, but “an IDF senior source” or “senior officer”.…

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