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Avi Dichter

  • Teaching our children Arabic should be elementary

    A new study shows that Jewish Israeli teens who studied Arabic in elementary school have a better appreciation for Arab society later on. As the government continues its attacks on Arabic, it is imperative that teachers and parents fight to ensure children learn the language. By Gil Gertel The so-called nation-state bill, which passed its first reading in the Knesset last week, is not intended to uphold Israel as the "nation-state of the Jewish people" as per MK Avi Dichter (Likud), the original author of the bill, in 2017. The privileges of Jews in Israel are well protected, including legally,…

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  • On our way out of the apartheid closet

    By advancing legislation to exclude the Arab minority from the Knesset, Israel is showing the world that its political system is really only intended for one group. By Marzouq El-Halabi The so-called "suspension bill," which passed its first reading in the Knesset several weeks ago, constitutes another step by the Israeli Right to exclude Arab representatives from Israeli politics. The bill, which gives the Knesset the authority to temporarily or permanently suspend elected members, stems not from a worry over the fate of Israel's democracy, but is part of the Right's slow effort to maliciously and intentionally harm it. The ultimate…

  • When criticism of occupation becomes 'subversion'

    The political arrests of anti-occupation activists is just the latest step in the Right's war against political dissidents. The next stage is anybody's guess. By Itay Mack The arrest of three anti-occupation activists, Ezra Nawi, Guy Butavia, and Nasser Nawajah, and the refusal to let them meet with their attorneys, did not take place as a result of them committing criminal offenses. The arrests were the result of the state's security authorities belief that the activists were participating in the subversion of the existing order — one whose entire purpose is to entrench an irreversible occupation. The remnants of the…

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  • Israel needs a new strategy in Gaza

    Ariel Sharon's strategy in Gaza of "Divide and Rule" failed, and we are yet to see a successful military solution for the Strip. Is there anyone in the Israeli leadership with the courage and power to lead a political solution? By Lev Grinberg The Israeli government has drawn the IDF and the entire country into a deeply complex situation, one that the country has not experienced since the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. It is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding: The model of control in Gaza built by Ariel Sharon in 2004 has collapsed. That framework was based on land…

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  • Rick's Weekly Wrap-Up: Apartheid, anyone?

    While we should congratulate J14 for another successful week of anti-government demonstrations, let's not forget that an all-too-similar Palestinian protest in annexed East Jerusalem was met with IDF violence Raging Rick Berman gives you this week's news as it ought to be told By Rechavia "Rick" Berman Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Holyland Wrap, this week going on a field trip to strange and mysterious realms beyond the mountains of darkness, or in other words, an hour and a half down the freeway. For the first time in a month there was no protest rally in Tel Aviv…

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  • Myth of Good Israel vs. Bad Israel: Where were the Left MKs?

    Where was "the peace camp" when the Knesset decided to probe human rights NGOs? As the Knesset is passing one undemocratic law after the other, many people ask themselves where is the famous Israeli Left. I have long argued that supporting the two-states solution (as many Israelis say they do) doesn't necessarily relate to support of human rights, freedom, equality before the law and other democratic values. Only a small minority in Israel is still fighting for those issues. Outsiders, especially from the Jewish-Liberal camp, tend to exaggerate the role the left plays in Israeli politics, and to downplay the…

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