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  • Behind Netanyahu's scorched earth campaign against Israel's media

    Just one week out from the second national elections in six months, Prime Minister Netanyahu's relationship with the Israeli media seems to be at an all-time low. But are his ferocious attacks on the press all they seem? In the final stretches of Israel’s second election campaign in six months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tried-and-tested tactic of attacking the media has once again been dominating the headlines. The prime minister has long had an adversarial relationship with the national press, but he appears to have stepped up the vitriol in recent weeks. At the end of August, in a Facebook live…

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  • +972's Story of the Year: The trial of Dareen Tatour

    The surreal arrest and trial of a Palestinian poet symbolizes a crackdown on free speech, surveillance on social media, and rising authoritarian trends in Israel. +972's Story of the Year for 2017. By +972 Magazine For the past year and half, a strange and disturbing drama has been playing out in a Haifa courtroom. In the defendant’s seat is a poet, on trial for a political poem she wrote, performed, and published on Facebook. Whether she goes to prison for publishing that poem rests largely on how the judge ultimately interprets a few words translated by a policeman whose main…

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