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  • Can a Mizrahi girl fit into Israel's national story?

    I grew up in a place where my first name was nothing more than a word on my identification card. Where the Holocaust was something that didn't belong to me. Where my story had no place. All because of my ethnicity.  By Adi Sadaka Ever since I was a young girl and through my years growing up in Kiryat Tiv'on, I found myself trying my best to conceal my last name. In the small town where I lived in Israel's north, the heartland of Ashkenazi identity, I felt, without even understanding what I was feeling at the time, that it was better…

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  • Moderate Islam meets Auschwitz

    It’s hard to think of more divisive activities in Palestinian society today. Regardless of whether one agrees with his actions, it is exceedingly rare to see someone publicly buck the fiercely dominant trends in Palestinian discourse. For nearly 40 years, Mohammed Dajani Daoudi has felt that something was wrong with Palestinian politics. In 1975, while studying at the American University at Beirut (“doing everything except studying”), he was deported to Syria for political activities. Fatah operatives supplied him with a fake passport to get back. But they mistakenly put a Syrian exit stamp into the passport rather than an entry…

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  • In Israel, Holocaust obsession prevents real change

    A new law punishing people for calling each other 'Nazi' makes clear that the Holocaust has became a tool used to keep us, the Jews, in a position of eternal victimhood - to blind us from seeing what is happing in Israel. That's exactly what the right wing wants. By Nir Baram "Israel became boring," complained a reporter who was obsessed with Israel for many years, "the world is changing and in Israel everything is the same…" *** One of the most important articles ever to be published in Israel was "The Need to Forget." In his 1988 op-ed, Yehuda…

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  • LISTEN: Israeli talk show hosts phone Auschwitz in prank call

    Shay Goldstein and Dror Rafael are two guys with a morning radio show on 103FM. Thye're kind of "out there", but very, very popular. I used to listen to them quite a bit until I transferred my allegiance to their competition on 99FM, Tal Berman and Aviad Kisos. But today for some reason I was tuning in to Shay and Dror, and they cracked me up. They have a daily segment called "surprise phone call", where they simply call someone without notice, usually a person who was in that day's news. It usually provides some great entertainment from the victims,…

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  • Failure of death camp tours for IDF officers - a success?

    For the past two decades or so, Israel has been on a feverish mission to send young people - all of them, if possible - to visit the death camps of Poland, to cement the notion that the Holocaust is the primary basis for Israel’s existence. I find this inherently problematic. It is even more disturbing to learn that some concentration-camp programs are designed with the intention of strengthening “Jewish” and “national” values; ironically, one such program may have backfired. A study reported in Haaretz on January 20 explained that one program had the opposite effect among IDF officers, setting…

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  • Holocaust day: Prove that you are alive (updated)

    I posted this item on my old blog a couple of years ago. I wanted to share it with 972's readers as well April 24, 2009 - Tuesday was Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, and my sister visited the Yad Vashem site to go through the names of our relatives who died during the war. Yad Vashem's database of the Holocaust's victims has over 3 million names in it – about half the total number of Jews murdered by the Nazis. Surprisingly enough, when she typed the name of my grandfather, Henri Fogelman, he was listed among the French Jews…

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