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Association for Civil rights in Israel

  • For Jerusalem's Palestinians, a city of poverty and division

    More than one quarter of Jerusalem's Palestinian residents live behind the concrete separation barrier; Israel has revoked the residency of over 14,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites since 'reunifying' the city in 1967, including 107 last year alone. Three-quarters of East Jerusalem’s 300,200 Palestinian residents live below the poverty line, including 83.9 percent of children, according to a new report published by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).The state of affairs is attributed, in large part, to a lack of investment by the state as well as the fact that more than 25 percent of Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents live on the…

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  • Palestinians in East Jerusalem go 10 months without water

    Israel refuses to connect four neighborhoods in its self-declared capital to running water. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in East Jerusalem have been cut off from a regular supply of running water for nearly a year due to to their location beyond Israel's separation barrier. Despite their location within the boundaries of Israel's self-declared capital, the neighborhoods of Ras Shehada, Ras Khamis, Dahyat A’salam and the Shuafat Refugee Camp have been suffering from a severe water crisis since last March, when residents went three weeks without any water supply. They have been forced to buy water bottles at a high cost, and…

  • Judges aren't cogs in the occupation, they're the oil keeping it going

    A new report maps out the two separate legal systems in the occupied territories — one for Jews and one for Arabs. At a launch event for the report, senior jurists showed up and argued it's not their fault whatsoever. Former Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner asked: What can we do? The answer: A lot. (Translated from Hebrew by Ofer Neiman) There was something mesmerizing about listening to representatives of the legal establishment speak at a conference held by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) last week. Mesmerizing and terrifying. The hardest thing was hearing Dalia Dorner —…

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  • How Israel's security services turned me into a 'potential terrorist'

    When Yoav Haifawi joined radical left organizations in Israel, he had no idea that the airport security services would begin searching him for explosives. A true story about the security services' modus operandi. By: Yoav Haifawi (*) The following story is 100% true. It tells us a lot about the modus operandi of the security services, and not necessarily only in Israel. During the seventies, I was active in The Workers’ Alliance - a leftist organization. It so happened that I represented this organization in several meetings and conferences in Europe. In those days, the security services shared the left’s…

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  • Human rights march in Tel Aviv to counter anti-NGO legislation

    The true essence of the foreign funding bill is its subjugation of all Israeli civil society organizations to the government’s whims. On Friday, December 9, 2011, Israeli civil society fights back at the human rights march By Ehud Uziel The revised Akunis-Kirschenbaum foreign funding bill backed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman is genius. Their proposed amendment to the income tax law will obligate a 45% taxation rate on donations from “a foreign state entity” to Israeli nonprofit organizations. The amendment will leave room for only one type of exemption for NGOs: those that also receive funding from…

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  • Interior Min. attempts first deportation of Israeli-born child

    Despite the fact that the child, born to migrant workers in Israel, has lived her whole life here and is integrated into the public school system, the Interior Ministry applied its rigid deportation criteria for the first time since the postponement period on deportations ended - and without even providing the father with the chance to properly depart from his child In my current capacity as foreign media coordinator for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), I worked on a story yesterday that seems more like a movie than real life. Tuesday night, a Filipina woman who has been living…

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  • Palestinian protest leader released from jail after 16 months

    By Libby Lenkinski Friedlander Yesterday, March 14, at about 3:30 PM, Abdallah Abu Rahmah, Coordinator of the Bil’in Popular Committee, was released from Ofer Military Prison after serving his 15-month expanded sentence. Abu Rahmah was arrested on 10 December 2009 and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment including time served, which should have made his release from prison on 18 November 2010. Following the military prosecution’s appeal, he was kept in jail on the order of the Military Court of Appeals – in direct contradiction of Israeli High Court jurisprudence on the issue, which stipulates that only in the most extenuating…

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