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  • Why do the U.S. and EU still let Israel sell arms to Burma?

    Economic sanctions were lifted but an arms embargo remains. What good is an arms embargo if Washington and Brussels allow their ally Israel, along with world powers like China, to keep selling arms to Burma? By Eitay Mack In light of the atrocities being perpetrated against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma, many in the European Union and in the U.S. have denounced Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, expressing deep disappointment with her conduct. In fact, their denunciations and disappointment should be addressed to themselves. As in other parts of the world, Europe and the U.S. have…

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  • ‘Investigate Israeli complicity with Pinochet's crimes’

    Family members of a Chilean man disappeared and murdered by the Latin American dictator want Israel to open a criminal investigation into officials who cooperated with the murderous regime. By John Brown* (translated by Tal Haran) Two Israeli women who immigrated from Chile are taking Israel’s attorney general to court, demanding that he open a criminal investigation into Israeli officials who were involved in arms deals with the regime of Augosto Pinochet, for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. Lily Traubman and her daughter Tamara Santos Traubman moved to Israel in the 1970s after being persecuted by the Pinochet regime,…

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  • Israel must ratify the Arms Trade Treaty

    Israel signed the treaty at the last possible moment before it came into effect, granting it rights but not requiring any concrete action. Now Israel needs to ratify to prove its commitment to the principle of denying arms to those who might use them for committing human rights violations or war crimes. By Yonatan Gher Last week we celebrated a day of historical significance: following over 20 years of campaigning by Amnesty International, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) went from being a distant fantasy to a legally binding reality, upon finally coming into force on December 24th. At least half…

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  • Why won't Israel sign the Arms Trade Treaty?

    Twenty years after its inception, the Arms Trade Treaty finally looks like it is going to be enshrined in international law. But despite supporting its passage, Israel refuses to sign it. By Idan Itzhaky A critical moment for human rights took place last week: the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) became a reality. This is a historical treaty, that like many other historical treaties, makes something that is patently obvious illegal by international law: the sale of weapons, which could be used to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other serious violations of human rights. Thus, the treaty will serve…

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  • Occupy DSEI: London activists protest international arms fair

    As the world's eyes are turned to Syria and its alleged use of chemical weapons, some of the most renowned human rights offenders gathered in London to trade in weapons. Activists of all stripes held a week-long protest against the fair, which included speeches and direct actions. Here is a wrap-up of the week's events. By Leehee Rothschild Since Sunday afternoon, activists have been protesting and occupying the public space outside London's ExCeL Centre which has been playing host to the Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair. DSEI is self proclaimed to be the biggest international arms fair in the world,…

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  • Profiting off war: A look into the world of Israeli arms dealing

    War in Israel has become a constant source of profit, with the West Bank and Gaza Strip used as experimental sites for arms dealers backed up by intellectuals. These are the protagonists of 'The Lab,' a new film by Yotam Feldman. In its exceptional interviews, the film reveals that the image of the arms dealer operating in the shadows is a thing of the past. By Eilat Maoz (Translated from Hebrew by Guy Eliav, edited by Ami Asher) A laboratory is a site where scientists conduct experiments under controlled conditions – a space where large-scale phenomena such as hurricanes are…

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