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Armenian genocide

  • Israel is helping Rwanda rewrite the history of genocide

    Israel, which has supplied numerous despotic regimes with advanced weaponry, is now helping the Rwandan government rewrite the narrative of the 1994 genocide. So much for the lessons of the Holocaust. By Eitay Mack Israel was the only Western state to endorse the Rwandan dictatorship's scandalous proposal in January to change the factual and legal international consensus about the genocide that took place there in 1994. The Rwandan government seeks to create a new narrative that deletes from memory the murder of moderate Hutus who supported a compromise with the Tutsis. Following the resolution's adoption, Noa Furman, Israel's deputy ambassador to the UN, delivered a passionate…

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  • ADL's Armenian genocide recognition sends powerful statement — to Israel

    A major Jewish-American organization breaking with Israeli policy, especially regarding Jewish universalism and the Holocaust, is a statement in and of itself. The Anti-Defamation League, American Jewry’s foremost civil rights organization, has made a powerful statement recognizing the Armenian genocide by the crumbling Ottoman regime in the early 20th century. Last Friday, CEO Jonathan Greenblatt posted a blog on the organization’s website in which he stated: “What hap­pened in the Ottoman Empire to the Arme­ni­ans begin­ning in 1915 was geno­cide.” He reviewed the methods, from death marches to tor­ture, mas­sacre and starvation, and then restated the point: “What hap­pened to the Armen­ian…

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  • Recognizing the grief of the Nakba

    In appointing itself the gatekeeper of historical memory, Israel has shackled the promotion of its own narrative to the suppression of the Palestinian narrative. A few years ago I took part in a class about the Armenian genocide at Toronto University with students from around the world, including several Armenian and Turkish participants. Three of the Armenian students were sitting opposite me during the seminar. Within about 15 minutes of the lecturer beginning to speak, they broke down crying, one by one. Seeing their distress, one of our Turkish classmates, A., also began to weep. It was a stark visual…

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  • Israel, Armenians and the question of genocide

    When Israel remembers the Holocaust, why does it think only of Jews? History has proven time and again that the Jews are not unique for having suffered genocidal policies. The many debates about preventing such tragedies have so far not helped populations that suffered mass killings and expulsions, with intent to destroy them for their national, religious or ethnic identity - even in recent decades. Therefore the politicization of the Armenian genocide in Israel in the context of Israel-Turkey relations, described with great eloquence by Akiva Eldar in al-Monitor, is not only wrong; it calls into question whether Israel is…

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  • Reminder: Netanyahu is responsible for Lieberman

    The fact that Lieberman is still the Foreign Minister shows Netanyahu puts own interests ahead of the country’s The most urgent political demand in Israel is the removal of Avigdor Lieberman from his position as foreign minister. Not the most original insight, I know, but it has to be said again. Two days ago, Lieberman leaked his new plan for retaliation against Turkey, which he claimed was the brainchild of senior Foreign Office officials. The plan included promoting information about the Armenian genocide, and military support of the PKK, a Kurdish militia which carried terror attacks against Turkish civilians (as well as…

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