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Ari Miller

  • Confessions of a reborn non-Zionist

    The son of a Zionist family, Ari Miller immigrated to Israel dreaming of combat tours in the IDF, followed by a political or diplomatic career in the service of his new homeland. Today, his life couldn't be farther away from those fantasies. A personal journey By Ari Miller | Photos from the author's personal album I stood there, with my unit, all of us with an M-16 in hand. A man in green with one red shoulder barked at us that, in a few weeks, we would have the opportunity to kill or be killed. We were about a month…

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  • When a beloved grandmother lives far away

    A decade after he moved to Tel Aviv for what started out as an adventure and became a full life, the author's grandmother has fallen seriously ill, and he is not sure he will have much time with her - if any. This, then, is the flip side of the adventure: the pain of distance By Ari Miller Nearly 10,000 kilometers away, they found cancer on one of Mom Mom's lungs. I sit in a Tel Aviv cafe not knowing if I've seen my maternal grandmother and last surviving grandparent for the last time. Family is weird, as is distance.…

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