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Arabs in Israel

  • Traveling the world as a Palestinian on an Israeli passport

    When I traveled to Morocco last year, I was escorted from the airport by security — for my protection, because of my Israeli passport — and greeted with 'Shabbat Shalom.' When I told the airport official 'thank you, but I am not Jewish,' he responded, 'it does not matter.' By Anwar Mhajne At home, we speak Arabic intermixed with Hebrew. We deal with Israeli law, Israeli institutions, and can participate in the Israeli political system. But we are always conscious of our Palestinian heritage. Everything becomes more difficult whenever I cross borders. The in-betweeness of my identity is lost. To…

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  • Netanyahu's fourth gov't: The good, the bad and the ugly

    The next Israeli government will attempt to preserve the status quo in the West Bank and Gaza at all costs. Facing international backlash, the persecution of leftists and Arabs could rise to dangerous levels. It’s quite clear what the fourth Netanyahu government will look like: A coalition of the Likud’s “natural partners.” These are the same people who have been following and backing Netanyahu since the 1990s: Avigdor Liberman, Bennett’s Jewish Home, the ultra-Orthodox parties, and Moshe Kahlon, who is actually comprises the moderate wing of the Likud. There are all sorts of rumors about sending feelers to the Labor…

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  • PM's image of democracy in Israel conceals mistreatment of Arabs

    The fact that Arab countries treat their citizens badly doesn't give Israel the moral or legal authority to treat its Palestinian citizens poorly. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the U.S. Congress can easily be characterized as hypocritical and inconsistent. He presented Israel as the country seeking peace while speaking of the Palestinians as enemies of reconciliation and coexistence. His hypocrisy didn't stop with issues of the occupation and Palestinians in the West Bank. He went on to brag about Israeli democracy being a model for the world. He shamelessly claimed that Arabs in Israel have more rights than…

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